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AGS Battery Price List 2018

AGS is the high quality batteries brand in Pakistan. AGS batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan. AGS battery is a very good and long life batteries with 6 months warranty. AGS Battery life time is very long. You can use AGS battery with UPS & Solar Systems. Here you can see latest AGS battery price list 2018. Latest Price of all kind AGS Batteries, Medium Batteries, Heavy Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, UPS Batteries. AGS Battery Price List in Pakistan latest free download here. 

AGS Heavy Batteries Price List 2018  :

Battery Type : Plates Per Cell : AH : Price :
245H52  33  210 Rs. 22,500/-
GX200 F  27  175 Rs. 17,400/-
195G51F  25  160 Rs. 15,800/-
GX175  23  140 AH Rs. 12,500/-
210H52  31  200 AH Rs. 21,500/
GX200 F  27  175 AH Rs. 17,400/-
GL190  23  150 AH Rs. 14,300/-
GX165  21  125 AH Rs. 11,500/-

AGS Medium Batteries Price List 2018  :

Battery Type : Plates Per Cell : AH : Price :
GX135  19 110 Rs. 9,700/-
N125  17 100 Rs. 8,800/-
GL100  15 80 Rs. 7,300/-
GR95  13 75 Rs. 6,300/-
GX 132  17 103 Rs. 9,200/-
GR100  15 80 Rs. 7,200/-
GR87  11 72 Rs. 5,600/-

AGS Light Batteries Price List 2018  :

Battery Type : No. of Plates : AH : Price :
GL 85  13  70 Rs. 6,100/-
GR 70  9  50 Rs. 4,600/-
GR 65  13  48 Rs. 4,900/-
GL 50  11  40 Rs. 4,200/-
GL 65  13  48 Rs. 4,900/-
CNG 60  11  44 Rs. 4,700/-
GL 48  9  38 Rs. 3,600/-
GR 46  9  32 Rs. 3,200/-

AGS Battery Tonic Price :

Product Name : Quantity : Price :
Battery Tonic  1 Ltr Rs. 70
Battery Tonic  500 ml Rs. 35


Latest Price List :

Please Note : All Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below. 

About : AGS are the best batteries in Pakistan with the more power & long life working with any object it has more Plates Per Cell, best Polarity, good A.H. Level, available in length of 236, width-133 and height-229. These batteries are made with the best materials and hi-tech equipment that are made up on the modernised plants which insures accuracy. Atlas Battery is a powerful battery which gives you 100% result..

Important Instructions :

To prolong battery life and get maximum performance must follow these instructions.

  • Never Use battery with-out initial charging.
  • Never charge the battery soon after putting the electrolyte in it.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte than connect with charger which gives 10% ampere of battery capacity.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches 15 V and, replace the battery caps, look all cells are producing bubbles equally.
  • Every battery have a manufacturing date printed on it……..Purchase latest newly manufactured one.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte, battery was completely sealed and air tight.
  • Now some companies offering already prepared electrolyte, prefer that one, rather then prepared by the electrician or battery vender.

Maintenance of a Battery:

Here are some other instructions useful for good battery maintenance that will extend battery life. The tips are low-priced and will make your battery a maximum result.

  • To ensure maximum battery performance, care must be taken to ensure that the battery plates are never exposed.
  • To top up your battery life, you must use only AGS Battery Tonic.
  • If electrolyte is lost, avoid adding acid to the battery.
    To get maximum workload from a battery, always keep the battery clean.
  • Make sure there are no inserts or debris on the air vents of the batteries.
  • Do not charge the battery at a level higher than recommended by the company.
  • Avoid placing the battery for extended periods of time in the discharge state.
  • Keep a charged battery stored in a cool, dry place if not in use.

Other Brand Price Lists :

Contact Details :

  • Address : Head Office, D/181, Central Avenue, S.I.T.E, Karachi
  • Phone : +92-21-32567990, 32567991, 32567992, 32567993, 32567994
  • Fax : +92-21-32564703

Business Hours :

  • Monday to Saturday (09-AM – 05-PM)

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AGS Batteries are the product of Atlas Group which comprises of 16 companies. These are available in all major cities, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, khanewal, Sahiwal, Okara, Rawalpindi and many other cities of Pakistan.

Battery Dealers in Pakistan :

If you are a Battery Dealer in Pakistan, please enter your shop name, address, and contact numbers in the comments section. So your buyers can reach you. No matter which city you belong to, Please enter your details Below. 

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  1. I need ags battery 200or above.but all batteries are not sale in the rate of price list. Issue by you I am in Khairpur nearest your seller is shaman battery khairpur.kindly apply ur list rates or other wise distribution or delete ship give to another person ,my contact no. 03003403402

    1. All the dealers in Khairpur are looting to the general people with their both the hands, once I noticed difference of Rs.2000 in between markets of Sukkur and Khairpur behind a same item having total worth of Rs.12000


    1. Dear I agree with U. But AGS are very expensive Battery Brand in Pakistan.

      1. Admin, Mr. Niaz is complaining you about black marketing / over price selling of AGS batteries by your dealer.
        This situation is all over Pakistan.
        In Karachi, your dealers are selling batteries over and above MRP.

  3. rana Muhammad ASIF

    dear i using AGS bettries from many years. now some friends advised me that AGS bettries are now not in good position. plz advised me in these circumstance

  4. Main okara se hon yaha koi battries price list par sale nai ho rahi.
    App ki di hoi price se 1000 se 1500 zyada liy ja raha hai

    1. Dear, Okara main sab dealers apni marzi ka rate lagatay hain. aap Bridge Power ya Force ki Battery le lain Yeh dono nai aur achi companies Hain. try ker k dakh lain.

      1. as ki dukan kahn hai mujhy generator ki liye chahy

      2. Muje ags ke dealership chahey is k ley kia krna hoga malakand k ley.

  5. Sir I need a GX200 F Battery..but in the market they not sale in actual Price of Price list..I Live in you can tell me where would i buy this battery on this Price List Rate..My num 03453550110 you can call me or text me any time as soon as Possible..

  6. asslam o alikum
    hi dear
    first time i chauk your 1peace in ups
    then i tell you

  7. AGS dealers demand more then your price list.
    they demand for gx-175 Rs:13800 & for GX-200 Rs:17500.
    thats a huge pric diff.

  8. I wish to your dealers in Gujarkhan when it is possible to start solar system in Pakistan. I am living in Germany in next month I coming in Pakistan.


  9. Excellent site serving a common citizen. I also experienced over charging in Islamabad and this site helped me to argue with dealer.

    Dealers do not follow the charging SOP given which again damages the battery.

    Jazaak-ALLAH Admin!

    1. Sir, Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

  10. Sir Assalam-o-Alakum, I am a service man and I purchased 1x AGS Battery 165 for UPS in July 2014 during first period battery performance was very excellent and gave backup upto 6 hours. After passing 10 months battery backup remained only 30 minutes on 2x ceiling fans. On checking battery from your dealer, he said that, the battery is OK but battery performance after 30 minutes shows 10 V and when full shows only 12 V on Volt Meter. Sir, I want to exchange the battery due to damage of any cell, but laps of 10 month no warranty held. Please accord sanction to exchange said battery from your authorized dealer at Lahore Cantonment.

    1. Sir, AGS offer 6 Months limited warranty from date of purchase.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. Sir ags 125. 8037. 90Rs hai Larkin markit min dilar 9400 ki sills karhe hain……..

    2. sir aap bilkul theek keh rahy hen mere sath same story hoi hey main ney office ke liye aik pair 100Amh ka khareda tha aug.2014 ma wo battries Mar.2015 ma farigh ho gai thi. aur aik pair main ney Jan.2015 ma khareda tha 175Amh ghar ke liye wo barries Nov.2015 ma tang kerna shuru ho gaeen aur ab wo bilkul kaam nai ker rahi 40min baad hi 10.5V pe chali jati heen. last time main ney OSAKA use ki thi wo 2.5Yrs chali thi lakin is Dafa AGS ney pessey urra diye heen mere

  11. AGS Batteries have excellent quality to destroy UPS and Inverter Shopkeeper’s shops. When a shopkeeper suggest customer regarding AGS batteries if 2 out of 100 customer got complain within 3months, customer will shout a lot after listen about limited policy of AGS like black rate 200 17500 on three months complain value of the battery iss (14500 / 6 = per months 2416.6) 1 month free than 2/6 on retail price without acid = 14500 – 4832 = 9668. The shop keeper do not give you battery but this amount. ridiculous they black marketer

  12. sir i belong to distt dadu,
    as given price of AGS 175 is 10682, but in dadu city your dealer Hafiz jamali is selling against company given price, recently i have purchased AGS 175 with price of rs 13000……
    there is huge diffrence between company rate and dealer rate,,kindly display your company rate list with mobile no at every shop so that customer could know about the company price.and bound the dealers,they should sell batteries on company rate,if some one fails to do it,cancel the licience of that dealer.,

  13. Sir, I want to purchase battery for installing with UPS. please suggest model and type with nearest dealer’s address in Rawalpindi Kamalabad

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am using AGS battery for my UPS for the last 1 year and 8 months. and now it is not working well Should I change it or not and whether AGS dealer would purchase my old battery and how much and new battery would be costed to me. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.


    1. Dear, U can Sale your old battery 90 to 95 Rupees per KG at any old Battery Shop.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  15. Really Good battery than others. I am still using it..
    AGS keep it up.

  16. Dear Assalam O Alakum ALLAH ka wasta apnay ap ko jhoot se barbad mat karain. aap koi our price detay hain oor cheez milti kisi our price me he. Dokandar ko hum sidah nahi kar sakty. Kuda ke leyaa ALLAH ki Makhlook per Reham karain Hum log bahot lut cukay hain. Allah Taala Us Elakay ko barbad kar deta he Jahan najaez munafa Khori ho. Baqi aap ki marzi. Wallah o Alam Haqeer Tahseen

    1. Dear Sir,
      First we will inform you that this is not a official website of AGS Battery. Our primary object is to help the Peoples giving the information about Battery Prices. All time we are trying to give accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

    2. Jnab Ags Battery Mehngi Zaror hy pr itni b nhi jetni ap btaty hoy lag rahy hy AGS Qualty Ki waja sy pehchani jati hy Or Hamesha achi chez Mehngi zaror hoti hy pr ta deer chalti b hy Wesy Ap ny jo BATTERY Leni hy wo btaen or shop ke price b

  17. Sir i compline hayat batttey baldia town karachi ex employ of AGS gruop this personal sales b or c catagri batttey and price taken as A quailty battrey pl take necessary action against him

  18. What is the procedure to became a dealer or to purchase in bulk

  19. Ineed email id to contact with sale department of ags battery

  20. Main new shop open ker raha ho bettary sale and services ti mujhy sb company ki batteries chahiye hain plz contact me 00923344776888

  21. dear iwant to buy ags battery of 165 but the prices in my town are very high so c an we order the battery from company

  22. Can i bought the batteries as the same rate as given above or some difference, in the markit.

  23. Ags is not charging well.why i.brought new ags batery but its not charging as well.expected its not fully charging whats reason its behind admin plz feedback me??

  24. Dear sir
    mein kl ags ki battery lanay k liay ja rha hn kindly guide me and tell me lattest price.

  25. Dear Sir,

    I need battery for UPS. Please tell me how model suitable & also get the price for Dry Battery 27 Plates.

    Muhammad Asif

    1. Dear, AGS GL-190 is suitable with 1000 watt UPS.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  26. I bought today ags battery GX 200F
    Price 1800 thousand can you tell me is this your compny price

    1. Dear Sir,
      First we will inform you that this is not a official website of AGS Battery. Our primary object is to help the Peoples giving the information about Battery Prices in Pakistan.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  27. if any one bring a new batter plz contact me i am new AGS dealer give you comfortable price may be company pries we are dealing all kind of batteries

  28. my contact number is 0347-3884635

  29. Sir, K N Shah mein 175 ke battery 14,000 mein bik rahe he. Plz control prices..
    AGS ke hr battery price se buht ooper bech rahe hen.

    1. Dear, aap Bridge Power ya Force ki Battery le lain Yeh dono nai aur achi companies Hain. try ker k dakh lain.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.COM

  30. Can I buy the battery same rate given above

  31. please provide updated sheet for AGS UPS battery price list.
    also provide main whole sale dealer name and number which is near by shahr-e-Faisal Karachi.

  32. aoa,

    I want 2 batteries of 140 and 170 please confirm me the price.


    1. Dear Sir, First we will inform you that this is not a official website of AGS Company. Our primary object is to help the Peoples giving the information about Battery Prices. All time we are trying to give accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  33. me abi khairpur ki market se 2 ags 165 betries lekar aaya hn 11700 per betry. admin plz provide me the source of above list so i could bargain it with the retailer…..

  34. I buy a new AGS battery (80d26P)80AMP S.No.9547719 manufacturing cod 23-01-55 with warranty on 23-04-2015 from a local shop and using on UPS charged by automatic 12V, 10 AMP charger. After 3 months it loose it,s capacity. on contact shop keeper saying this battery over charged where as it,s not true because i am using 48 amp ags battery on the same UPS in past 3 years. PLEASE SUGGEST ME HOW & WHERE FROM I CLAM THIS BATTERY TO REPLACE WITH NEW ONE. I THINK THAT SHOP KEEPER SALING B GRADE BATTERIES AND DAMAGING THE NAME OF AGS COMPANY FOR PROOF AN OTHER CUSTOMER CAME TO THAT SHOP WITH THE SAME CLAM IN MY PRESENCE.


  35. Mr admin can you provide me official email address of right person that entertain this type of complains i will thank full to you.

    best regard

  36. Are the prices of AGS batteries given above with acid and charging or without these.

  37. please send me Catalogues on this address
    54 / Z St # 9 Peoples Colony Gujranwala

  38. Mr admin is it justice I send you two queries (questions) instead to provide the solution you have removed from this list

  39. Respected Readers, Kindly share the information’s…..
    Regards, From GETATTIME Team

  40. dukandar app ki rate list k mutabiq batteris frokht nahi kr the.
    kia rate seraf dukandar k le ha

  41. I want to purchase AGS battery of GX200F from Faisalabad but distributor told me the price of 16,200/-. Please advice me the best distributor for best quality

  42. Hi
    I Wana install a ups, inverter is homage axiom 0502, 500va

    Please recommend a battery for good backup
    Thank you n appreciate your help.

    1. Dear, Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt system, it is way more efficient then single battery 12-Volt system.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  43. Dealers of AGS Batteries are over charging the consumers. I have purchase GS Battery GR-100 15 Plates for Rs.7,800.00 while its consumer price as per price list issued by AGS Batteries is 6,493.50. Dealer is Modern Battery Centre in Islamabad.

  44. hi i want to make consultancy from AGS agency
    what are the requirments
    i wanna open in swabi kpk

  45. what is procedure to get franchise of AGS CAN ANY ONE GUIDE ME?

  46. Dear Sir,

    I need three batteries 120 or 125 for my ups. Please email me lowest prices for AGS, OSAKA,and EXIDE
    in Karachi.

  47. Please confirm current rates of 70 amp battery.?

  48. i want to start business of baterier in kot adu and want to invest.whats will be the invoice detail and negotgation ofce

    1. Please Contact Here > Head Office, D/181, Central Avenue, S.I.T.E, Karachi
      Phone : +92-21-32567990, 32567991, 32567992, 32567993, 32567994
      Business Hours > Monday to Saturday (09-AM – 05-PM)

  49. Salam Admin How r u? can you tell me about best bettery for ups on base of your Experience.plz tell me the right way.i will be thank full to you.

    1. Wa-Alaikum Salam!
      Dear, If you have imported UPS or a high quality ups, then always prefer Dry battery. Otherwise you can use any other wet battery available in the market.
      Regrads, From GETATTIME Team.

  50. Muje AGS ki dealership chahey .plc inform me Adnan 03378650000

  51. Muhammad Shafique Qureshi


    I am intrested to get distribution of AGS Battries at Bahawalpur.Kindly guide me in this regrds as soon as possible Please.


    Muhammad Shafique

  52. Dear Sir.
    AGS batteries ki quality bohat
    Harab hai .8 months pehle AGS Gl 65 car
    Ko dalwai hai ab dead hogai hai water level bi theek hai
    Please is ko improve karain

    Tayyab malik


    Ags bat is good 4 those friends who prefer quality not prices

    Mehdi lalani

  54. The prices list above are not same at market prices 2000 to 3000 thousand difference.

    1. Yes Dear, I definitely agree with you. but dealers don’t sell batteries on company rate..
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  55. Assalam-O-Alaikum.
    Kindly tell me who is your reliable dealership in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
    03215144817 my number.
    I purchased a GL 100 from a dealer. It disappointed me as it is dead with in 11 months only. The dealership told me that AGS battery is not of good quality. Better to buy some other brand.

  56. Market Price Aur Hai & Aap Ki Price Aur Hai. Clarify

    1. Dear Sir, We upload Latest battery prices according to the market. Unfortunately dealers don’t sell Batteries on company rate.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  57. Main GX200 F purchase krna chahta hun per dealers is ka rate 16500 bta rhy hain jab k ap ki rate list main yeh 14274 ki hai to plz mjhy kisi dealer ka btain k jis se list rate k mutabiq mil jye
    Me from gujar khan

  58. ALL dealers are selling batteries on his own price difference is above 2000 from original price…

  59. My ags battery fx-135 with homage ups unserviceabled within 1 year. Bad company ags…

  60. Sir I purchased AGS battery from muzaffarabad Azad kashmir
    Would you like to tell me how can I insure it’s original or fake
    Plz tell me about it
    Hadi agha

    1. Sir, It depends on your dealer. Original AGS batteries are available with six month warranty claim.
      Thanks… Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  61. assalam o alaikum sir main ags battery ka business start kar na chata hun pls contact me ya mujhe kasi dealer ka no send karain i live in khairpur mirs sind

  62. Who are your authorized dealers in Peshawar from whom we can buy on AGS factory price. BECAUSE THERE IS MUCH DIFFERENCE ON THE PRICES OF YOU MENTIONED AND THOSE IN MARKET.

    1. Asslamo Alakum brother i think Admin given the price of battary without destilled watter.

  63. Dear Admin,
    I have use the UPS of homage of 1000 watts please suggest what is the ampare of battary is use in this UPS

    1. Sir, AGS GX-175 or GL-190 is suitable with 1000 watt UPS.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team

  64. What will be price of GX 165 if I purchase from your dealer.

    1. Sir, It’s depends on your dealer.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team

  65. Sir send me contact no. and address of AGS authorized dealer in Lahore.

    1. LAHORE
      Al Madina Trader(Zaheer)- Model Shop
      Q Block, Near Bhatta Chowk, Main Ghazi Road, DHA, Lahore
      Muhammad Zaheer
      0321 9490798
      Malik Battery Ser & Auto Elec- Model Shop
      Tufail Road, Opposite Cantt. Ketechry, Saddar, Lahore Cantt
      Malik Yasir
      042 36622786 / 0321 4030305
      Ali & Co- Model Shop
      Yaqoob CNG , Khokhar Chowk, College Road, Township, Lahore
      Shahzad Battery- Model Shop
      IMT Stop, Multan Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore
      Khan Bros Auto Store- Model Shop
      Opposite Niazi Adda, Bund Road, Lahore
      Saboor Khan
      042 3755309
      Mubark Corporation- Model Shop
      Opposite Masti Gate, Circular Road, Lahore
      Bilal Mubarik
      0312 4701802
      Babar Battery Service Exclusive
      Opposite Ibrar Center, Wahdat Road, Lahore
      Tariq Butt / Rehan Butt
      042 35866232 / 0321 9487246
      Battery House Multi Brand
      Inside Diyal Singh Mension, Mall Road, Lahore
      Chaudhry Ashiq
      042 37239687
      New Qazafi Bty & Auto Parts Multi Bran
      Near General Hospital, Ferozpur Road, Lahore
      Haji Manzoor / Omer
      0300 4522736
      Punoo Battery Service Multi Brand
      Liberty Plaza, Liberty Market, Opposite Sun fort Hotel, Gulberg II, Lahore
      Aslam Khan

  66. Plz suggest battery for 500 watt ups…

    1. Sir, GX 165 or GX 175 is best for your requirement.

      1. sr ma ags battery ke dealership lena chahta hu us ky lye kam sy kam kitni amount honi chahye ya zarorat ky mutabiq lani ho to kitny ke mil sakti ha

        1. Sir, Dealership ki Malomaat k Liye AGS Official website visit karian >>
          Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  67. AOA,

    I want to purchase the UPS battery. Is it possible for you to deliver the battery????

    1. Dear Sir, We have no shop yet we just upload Latest battery prices according to the market.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  68. Dear sir, I am from hyderabad Sindh . Please tell AGS Battery Price for Ups and also tell its address of company dealers in hyderabad Sindh. Please tell soon.

      M/s. Javed Traders
      Shop No.2456 Station Road. Near Koha-E-Noor Gari Khata, Hyderabad
      Mr. Javed Contact: 0321-3001934, 022- 2782474
      Hyderabad Battery Center
      Near Kaim Khani Hostel ,Qazi Qayum Road Hyderabad.
      Mr. Nadeem : 0300-3078922 022-2783740

  69. Authorized dealers in Faisalabad.

    1. Faisalabad
      Zohaib Traders – Model Shop
      132-A, Shoaib Bilal Market, DCO Office Road, FSD
      Muhammad Ashfaq Sajid
      041-8788113, 0300-6643776
      AGS Display Centre
      22-23 Mian Trust Market, Sargodha Road, FSD
      Atta Ur Rehman
      041-2409192, 0303-7799488
      Raiz Auto Electrician/ TN Autos/ Amer Ri
      Eid Gah, Opp. Nawaz Medi care Hospital, Jail Road, FSD
      Zahoor Traders
      2-3 Mian Trust Market, Sargodha Road, FSD
      Muhammad Arfan
      041-2408874, 0321-6674439

  70. Sir aap ke company sy battery mil jay ge site wali company sy aap sale karty ho plz replay……….

    1. Sir, We have no shop yet we just upload Latest battery prices according to the market.
      Thanks… Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  71. Sir I want to become dealer with ur company in Peshawar
    Plz send procedure

    1. Here You Can see all info about AGS Dealership >>

  72. respected sir,
    please tell me how can i get yours dealership or agsaggency tell me method.
    ashfaq ahmed

  73. Plz suggest me how much battery I uses in 1200watt ups if I running 2pcs up to 5 hours.

    1. Sir, You need two 17 plates batteries with 24-Volt UPS.
      Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt system, it is way more efficient then single battery 12-Volt system.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  74. Salaamz kindly tell me maximum battery capacity and also its price.i want to buy it for 1000 watt for about 2hr back up

  75. Shaikh Nadeem Akhtar

    Dear Admin,

    Hope you are doing well,

    I have a UPS and want to purchase Battery. Please Suggest Battery type and model and require ampere.I have a load to 3 energy savers and two fans and and requires back up for at least 3 hours.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Shaikh Nadeem Akhtar

    1. Sir, If you have imported UPS or a high quality ups, then always prefer Dry batteries. Otherwise you can use any other wet battery available in the market. Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt system, it is way more efficient then single battery system.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  76. Dear Sir,
    i need a battery for my new 1000 w ups. can i buy a battery from company?
    i need N125 17 plats

  77. mery pas 200f ki ags ky battery ha aur NS ka 660W ka ups. sirf 90 minuts ka backup mil raha ha, increase kasy ho ga.

    1. Dear, Aap ki battery pori charge nai ho rahi ya battery kharb ho gai hain check kerwa lein.

  78. Syed Bilal Hiader

    Dear Admin I have purchased 190 am bettry from badami bagh lahore, But there is some problem is that acid falling out from caps and also sides, I think dealers making some frauds to unknown or UN-experienced peoples….
    Plz refer me o regional AGS bettry dealer in lahore, SO I can feel relax about my 14,300….

  79. Please tell me which battery brand is better ?

  80. Dear hamari battery 2 saal pehle tek chal rahi thi aor abhi belkul backup nai deti.

    1. Sir, aap 2 saal boht hotay hain battery 1 ya 1.5 saal chalti hai sirf. ab change ker lain.

  81. sir ma ne one week pehle 165 wali bettery li hai o wo na tu sahi tarha se charg ho rhi hai o phol b rhi hai? is ka kia haal hai????

    1. Sir, aap apna UPS check kerwain us main koi problem hai.

      1. Sir dukan wale kha rha battery charg ni ho rhi jb k meri pehle wali ags ke bettery sahi charg ho rhi hai o dukan pe b US 2 bar charg ke o 4 din us wapis b ni ke o na change kar mj New bettery do? Mj ic ka koi Hal btye

  82. Sir ma 165 ke ags battery le hai one week pehle wo charg ni ho rhi sahi o jis Dukan se li thi wo chang kr k ni dye rha o us ne b 2 se 3 bar charg ke hai? Ic ka hal hai sir

    1. ap apni battery ka pani over na karen or apna ups chek krwen

  83. Muhammad Sajjad

    Asslam o Alaikum wr wb,

    Dear Admin,

    Hope you will be fine,

    Actually i want to take some advises to you quickly if you have some time.

    1st of tell me, Where and who is the dealer in Sialkot.

    Secondly i need 5 fans and 5 lights supported UPS.

    Which UPS is better for my requirements.

    My father is much worried about UPS batteries for problems, that’s why we could’n purchase any UPS.

    Hope you do not mind and reply me soon,you can reply on my email id.

    1. Sir, You need Inverex XP Solar 24-Volt UPS and two 200-AMP batteries . Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt UPS, it is way more efficient then single battery 12-Volt UPS.
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans. Royal Energy Saver Fan takes only 40 to 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans.
      Here some Dry Battery brands names with price:
      NARADA Polymer Gel Battery 200AH Price: 40,000
      NARADA GP Series Dry Battery 12V 200AH Price: 34,500
      Solar Saz Dry Battery 200AH Price: Rs.29,999
      Eco-Star >>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  84. Dear Admin,
    Thankyou for your efforts, you are doing great by helping people in their queries.

    After 1 year of using local 1500w UPS, i purchased INVEREX SOLAR PRO 2800 (1500w) – both 24v.
    I also added two 150w Mono Solar Panels to Previous 2. Now i have 4 150w solar panels. Problem is that due to budget problems, i repaired my AGS 200 Batteries, and replaced plates (27 P). Now i am not getting enough backup with even 3 or 4 Fans and few energy savours. Inverter is giving 6.7 to 7 Amp charging current to batteries which is very low and sun also was cloudy since 2 days.

    Ap ko kya lagta hai problem just charging/batteries ka hosktha hai ?
    20Amp ka kehty hain Inverex waly but dety itna kam. Ise taiz karne ka koi tareqa ?


    1. Sir, UPS Cheak Kerwa Lein.

    2. Dear Anees,
      I am very sorry to say that your inverex solar inverter is not good. may it works if you can add more 150w *2 panels. and i think you can also add upto 900w.
      but you have to chose the good inverter, now you can add the hybrid solar charger.

      M Salman

  85. Dear Sir,

    which battery is batter dry or wet.. Please advise with best brand for imported UPS.

  86. Dear Sir.
    mery pass 1000 watt ups with two batteries hai jis k sath 250 watt k 04 solar pannel lgy hain. ub problem ye hai k main battiers change krna cahta hon. ap meri help kren main kitny amp wali batties lon jin py mujy 04 fans py backup time 04 hour minimum mil saky. aur sahiwal city main ap ka dealer kon hy

    1. Sir, Koi bi 200 AMP ki battery le lain. Hamari fil-hal koi shop nai hai.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  87. which battery is better for 2 fans , 2 tube lights and 2 savers?

  88. Dear sir
    Ma apna ghar ma ups lagwana chahta ho jis pa 4 fans aur 4 bulb chal sakhai . kindly app suggest kare k ma konsa ups aur battrey istamal karo .

    1. Sir, Aap APC, Homage, Cyber Power in main se koi bi 24 volt ka UPS le lein APC best hai, agr sasta lena hai to Phir Desi wala le lain.

      1. Lala ji apc ghar me panko k lye kon lgata hy zra hosh krain and miss guide na kre.

        1. Sir, Main miss guide nai ker raha APC pure sine-wave hota hai fan main se awaz nai ati aur dimer bi karab nai kerta. agr aap yeh nai lagana chahtay to phr aap homage ya Inverex ka modified sine wave le saktay hain.
          Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  89. Dear admin…
    I want to use single battery 100A.H with its charger and with 12 volts 3 amp 2fans nd led lights of 12volt… will it work well or not please comment.thanks

    1. 200-AH battery required.

  90. Bhai jan konsi battery behtr hai; AGS, Phoenix, Osaka, en m sy knsi bettry bhtr for 5 kv homage ups?

    1. Here you can see all info >>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  91. Sir Main Nay AGS Ki Battery Le Hai Wo Chrage Nai Ho Rahi Hai. Main KYa Karon Aap Bato Pazzzzzzz

    1. Dear, Apna UPS Check karwa lo us main koi problem ho ga…

  92. Sir AGS gx175 market se kitne ki mily ge ur 750 watt Ups k 7 perfect rhy ge?

    1. Sir, Main market ka kuch nai keh sata tora boht rate up down ho sakta hai. 750 watt copmany made ups 10,000 se 120,000 tak ka hota aur local 7000 ya 8000 ka hota hai.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  93. Customer directly claim thru company services centre required but other wise dealer required charges

    1. Sir, Warranty claims are to be made through the AGS Authorised dealers only.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  94. Sir mery pas ags ki 6v battery hai untouch mujhay 12v ma chahy exchange ho sakta hai kia?

    1. Sir, AGS ki exchange policy nai hai esi koi bi. Jahan se ap ne battery li hai un se baat ker lain shaid wo change ker dain.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  95. Sir I want to know latest price of AGS battery for CD 70 thanks

    1. Sir, The Price of AGS Bike battery is 500 Rupees.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

    2. Sir, The Price of AGS Bike battery is 500 Rupees.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  96. Sir, Mujhe apni city me shop kholne hai wholesale ags bettery ki please contect me ..

    1. Sir, Dealership ki Malomaat k Liye AGS ki website visit karian >> ya diye gy Numbers pe contact karein > +92 21 32567990 – 94
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

      1. Bangash Battery Center
        Soneri Apartment block 12, Gulistan E Johar, Karachi
        Phone : 0335125288

  97. any AGS dealer near Bahria Town Lahore?

  98. Bridge Power Batter ki 185 ya 195 ki battery ka kia rate hai?

    1. RB-185 (23-Plates) : 13,567
      RB-195 (21-Plates) : 13,884
      For More info >>

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