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Best Battery for UPS in Pakistan

Best Battery Brand for Home UPS in Pakistan :

  • If you have imported UPS or a high quality UPS, then always use Dry batteries.
  • If you have local company UPS, then buy wet batteries.
  • Dry are very strict charge and should be charged more slowly than wet .. .. load is not a problem for high-quality dry batteries .. they can stand as well.
  • New batteries are well-known international companies will be higher than 25k .. every local will be about 19-20k .. wet would be above 13K.
  • Higher AH Battery means more back-up, not much difference in charging time.
  • Use 2 batteries 24V system, it is better & efficient then single battery 12V system.
  • Never use battery AH as available capacity. You use only some percent % of it to keep battery healthy else battery be dead.

To prolong battery life and get maximum performance must follow these instructions.

  • Never Use battery with-out initial charging.
  • Never charge the battery soon after putting the electrolyte in it.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte than connect with charger which gives 10% ampere of battery capacity.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches 15 V and, replace the battery caps, look all cells are producing bubbles equally.
  • Every battery have a manufacturing date printed on it……..Purchase latest newly manufactured one.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte, battery was completely sealed and air tight.
  • Now some companies offering already prepared electrolyte, prefer that one, rather then prepared by the electrician or battery vender.

Please Note : All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.


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Updated: January 23, 2016 — 5:32 pm


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  1. Asalam o alaikum
    Bhai I want buy dry bettery. Which one is best. Please tell me.

  2. Asalam o alaikum bhai.
    How are you? Bhai I want buy dry dry bettery which one is best. Please advise me . What is dry Betery life . Please tell me.

    1. وعليكم السلام
      Sir, I am Fine. Narada Battery is the best. Its Life is 5 Years, but Narada Batteries are much expensive.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

      1. Asalam o alaikum bhai.
        Please can you tell me which ups is best for dry bettery. I wana use two fan and 4 energy saver.
        Bests regards

  3. I have a and using for many years now I have heard the dry battery works well and spend long time with UPS the batteries are expensive but I can afford I want to know that how should I analysis that the UPS is suitable for dry battery to install or may be my UPS not full fill the dry battery required and it cause life the battery short I need valuable commits from you plz

    1. Sir, If you have imported UPS like Homeage, APC, Inverex, Cyber Power Systech etc… then always use Dry batteries.
      If you have local UPS (Desi), then buy wet batteries.

  4. In wet battery witch is the Best Battery…?

    1. AGS, Bridge Power and Phoenix.

  5. Asslam o alaikum.
    Sir i am confused..main ups ky sath 250 ah ki single battery use krn ya 125 ki 2bettery use krn which is best approach for good back up?

    1. Sir, Agr aap ka UPS Double Battery Wala (24 Volt) Hai to Phir 2 Batteries Lagein gi. Agr Single Wala (12 Volt) Hai to Phir 200-AH Ki single Battery.

  6. AOA I want your advice regarding my question. I want to buy cyberpower or homage ups/inverter with battery for using 2 fans and 4 energy saver. what would you suggest me? which ups and battery should i buy as per my requirement? I am waiting for your reply.

    1. Sir, 24 Volt Double Battery UPS is best for your requirements. I think Homage is the best. Now Final choice is yours.

  7. I am using homage inverter 660 watts which battery is
    best for me?

    1. Sir, final choice is yours. I can’t say anything.


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