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Homage UPS & Inverters Price in Pakistan 2018

Homage UPS / Inverters Price in Pakistan – Latest Model and Specifications

Homage is an electronics company which provide wide range of electronic appliances all across the Pakistan. Basically they provide every kind of appliances like luxury appliances cooking appliances and the Inverters commonly called as UPS, as one of our basic need in the days of summer is continuous power availability and many companies are providing their Inverters but the best among them is homage Inverters they have designed all type of investor as per according to the needs of individual home and their prices are also reasonable that common man can afford easily in Pakistan, in locale of Pakistan homage inverter are available at HYPER STAR OULETS, METRO OUTLETS and on other types of big stores we can purchase them easily.

Homage provide two type of Investers that are enlisted as follows :

  1. Solar Inverters
  2. Simple Inverters

The prices of Homage Inverters and specifications are as follow according to the latest model numbers and model type :

The first one is to for normal use at home only for lighting and fans.

  • HOMAGE HEXA HEX-1004 700 W

Specifications of Homage Hexa HEX-1004 700W,

  • Its price is Rs.11900.
  • Its capacity is 700 watt.
  • 12 energy savers and 4 roof fans.
  • It has intelligent sensing which provide efficient battery charging without any overcharge threats.
  • DC/AC conversion is efficient and there is no energy loss in it.
  • It has smaller size and can be mounted on wall and it is user friendly,
  • Warning alarms are also present in it.

Same Inverters are also available in HEX-type having higher charging capacity but their prices and capacity to run appliances increases. Those are as follows :

  • Homage Hexa HEX-1204 900W  Rs,13000
  • Homage Hexa HEX-2004 2000VA/1500W  Rs.16000

Homage Inverters with Builtin Solar Charge Controller :

Solar inverters are also available in HEXA type their prices may also vary as per change of specifications.

  • Homage Hexa HEX-121O 900W Solar  Rs,14500
  • Homage Hexa HEX-2010 1500W Solar  Rs.18500

Their specifications are same but their capacity varies as follows like.
built-in solar charger controller

  • 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and to prevent overcharge
  • Light weighted, wall mounted structure.
  • LCD & LED supported
  • Alarms : low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, overload protection, over heating protection, short circuit protection
  • Efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss
  • Charging system especially designed to suit local type batteries and local weather conditions.

Load Capacity :

  • The capacity of HEX-1210 is of 14 Energy Savers & 6 Fans.
  • Whereas capacity of HEX-2010 is supported for 25 Energy Savers and 11 Fans. These result may vary due to quality of battery used to store energy,

All Other UPS and Inverters of Homage are as following and they are available all over Pakistan easily on demand.

  • INNOVA HIN – 1005 700 Watt  Rs. 16900
  • INNOVA HIN- 2005 1400 Watt  Rs. 29900
  • HEXA Pure Sin Wave HEX- 3004 2400 Watt  Rs. 55000
  • HEXA Pure Sin Wave HEX-3010 (solar) 2400 Watt  Rs. 61000
  • HEXA Pure Sin Wave HEX-5004 4200 Watt  Rs. 71000
  • HEXA Pure Sin Wave HEX-5010 (solar) 4200 watt  Rs, 78000
  • Axiom Hax 0502 550 VA 330 Watt  Rs.7900
  • Axiom Hax 1002 1000 VA 660 Watt  Rs. 11600
  • Axiom Hax 1202 1000 VA 800 Watt  Rs.12800
  • Axiom Hax 2002 2000 VA 1440 Watt  Rs. 18700
  • Axiom Hax 3002 3000 VA 2400 Watt  Rs. 42000
  • Axiom Hax 5002 5000 VA 4200 Watt  Rs. 65000
  • NEON HNE 1003 1000 VA 700 Watt  Rs. 11200
  • NEON HNE 1009 1000VA (solar) 700 Watt  Rs. 14500
  • NEON HNE 1203 1200 VA 900 Watt  Rs. 14000
  • NEON HNE 2003 2000 VA 1500 Watt  Rs. 15000
  • NEON HNE 2009 2000VA (solar) 1500 Watt  Rs. 17500
  • NEON HNE 3003 3000VA 2400 Watt  Rs. 36000
  • NEON HNE 3009 3000VA (solar) 2400 Watt  Rs, 45000
  • NEON HNE 5003 5000VA 4200 Watt  Rs. 57000
  • NEON HNE 5009 5000VA (solar) 4200 Watt  Rs. 63000
  • MARTIX HMX 1001 MODIFIED SINE WAVE 660 Watt  Rs. 25500
  • MARTIX HMX 2001 MODIFIED SINE WAVE 1320 Watt  Rs.42000
  • MARTIX HMX 3001 MODIFIED SINE WAVE 2400 Watt  Rs.50000
  • MARTIX HMX 5001 MODIFIED SINE WAVE 4200 Watt Rs.79000

Note: All Inverters Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.

Now we will discuss specs of each and every type as four major Homage inverters are available we will start with:

Homage Innova Hin Specifications :

  • 10A or 20A of charging current
  • LCD display and Warning alarms.
  • Monitoring and managing battery with intelligent charger control
    provides safety & security
  • Reverse polarity connection protection.
  • The battery is 99.9% efficient and total maintenance free design for UPS and inverters.
  • 700 Watt 1000VA/12VDC/220VAC & 1400 Watt, 2000VA /24VDC/220VAC available in Pakistan,

Homage Hexa Pure Sine Wave Specifications :

  • Intelligent multiple stage charger control for charging to prevent Over charging
  • Light weight,
  • User reliable LCD & LED
  • Up to 98% efficient,
  • Low battery alarm, Low battery shutdown, Overload protection, Over heating protection, Short circuit protection
  • Efficient DC-to-AC conversion,
  • Minimized loss of energy
  • Charging system especially design for local batteries and local climate conditions

Homage Hexa Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

In Pakistan following load ranges are available in Homage HEXA PURE SIN WAVE:

  • 2400 Watts 3000VA / 24VDC/230VAC
  • 4200 Watts 5000VA / 48VDC/230VAC

Homage Axiom Hax Specifications :

  • Can be mounted on wall it is flexible to install.
  • Multi-function LCD with LED indicators and alarms
  • Cost-effective as compared to generator
  • Intelligent protection alarms and actions such as low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charger voltage shutdown, over load alarm, over load shutdown, over temperature shutdown, short circuit shutdown.

Following load specification are available in Pakistan in HOMEAGE Axiom Hax:

  • 500VA / 330Watts / 12VDC / 230VAC
  • 1000VA / 660Watts / 12VDC / 230VAC
  • 1000VA / 800Watts / 12VDC / 230VAC
  • 2000VA / 1440Watts / 24VDC / 230VAC
  • 3000VA / 2400Watts / 24VDC / 230VAC / Pure Sine Wave
  • 5000VA / 4200Watts / 48VDC / 220VAC / Pure Sine Wave

Homage Neon HNE Specifications :

  • Available in two designs Rack design & wall-mounted.
  • Multi-function LCD with LED indicators,
  • Cost-effective than generator.
  • Intelligent alarms low battery alarm/shutdown, overcharged shutdown, overload alarm / shutdown, short circuit shutdown.

These are also available with different load ranges.

Homage Matrix HMX Specifications :

  • These type of inverters are basically sine wave inverter and they have availability of 660 w, 1320 watt, 2400 watt, 4200 watt in the market as per requirement.

Homage Contact Information :

  • UAN : 021 111-764-111
  • E-mail :
  • Official Website :

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