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Make Less Ironing Using These Two Cheap Household Items

While walking outside, dressed in a wrinkled shirt or dress, can be awkward. But it happened to all of us at a certain point, especially when travelling. No matter how magnificent you are in ironing and grinding, you will be charged to find someone who has not suffered from wrinkles.

Whether you are a fan of ironing at home, using these two clever tricks will help you deal with it twice as quickly. Not to mention that these tips are guaranteed to help you smooth out all the folds and pleats, large or small. According to TODAY Style, here’s how you can get your quick ironing before leaving the door or packing clothes for this business trip. Mom would be so proud.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend extra money on dry cleaning or work, school, and important events that seem dismantled thanks to the two elements you already have in the house: bobby pins and aluminium foil.

Use the Bobby Pins to Glue the Pleats.

For those of you with children who have to wear school uniforms, like polished trousers and skirts, we feel our pain as those folds lie down. Good idea: the solution can be found right in your bathroom cabinet. It turns out that Bobby’s pins are small tools you want to have in your arsenal for more than that you are sure that this stack.

01- First, you have to make sure that the pleats are folded evenly to the skirt or pants.

02- Then drag the hair pins down to make sure each pleat will stay in place. You will dress around the garment until every pleat is secured.

03- Then it’s time to get iron. Bobby pins will help keep your hem in place while you press the garment.

04- Again allow the item you are ironing to cool off before removing the pins and getting dressed.

Use Tin Foil for Ironwork.

Everyone knew that aluminium foil could be used for more than just closing delicious trimmings and packing other peppers baked dishes.Using the thin metal sheath allows you to smooth both sides at once without having to rotate the garment around the ironing board. As you know with coated containers, the foil is a great insulator for heat retention.

01- First, you’ll need the basics: aluminium foil, iron and, of course, an ironing board.

02- Then you will completely arrange the ironing board with the tin foil.

03- Then put your garment on the top of the foil, where you will use the iron to press the garment a few times with the steam button. Steam function is essential here as moist heat removes the wrinkles on both sides of the shirt at once.

04- Finally, let the shirt (or any favourite garment) cool down completely before you put on.

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