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Most Expensive Wood in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood in The World:

The most expensive wood in the world is an interesting topic and few people can surprise you that there are hundreds of types of wood exist world-wide after various properties and use.

Many expensive wood is available in the world but we are talking about some most expensive wood in the world and keeping to the point we have arranged ten most expensive wood. We provided all information about most expensive wood in the world with our resources.

 01   Bocote Wood :

Bocote Wood is the most expensive and beautiful type of wood which is mostly found in the Mexico, Central & South America. The Bocote wood trees are 65 – 100 ft. taller and 3 – 5 ft. trunk diameter. Average weight of Bocote wood tree is about 855 KG. The Scientific name of Bocote wood is Cordia Spp.
Bocote Wood Appearance :
Bocote wood having natural yellowish brown color with little bit dark brown shades to almost black stripes. Bocote wood color became dark to darkest with the passage of time.
Common Use :
Bocote Wood commonly used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, musical instruments, gunstocks, veneer and other smaller specialist wood items.


 02   Bubinga Wood :

Bubinga wood is not much expensive but very popular type of wood which is commonly found in Africa. Bubinga wood also called Kevazingo wood. Bubinga wood trees are taller but less in trunk diameter. Average length of Bubinga tree is almost 130 – 150 ft. and its width is almost 3 – 6 ft. The Scientific name of Bubinga Wood is Guibourtia spp.
Color/ Appearance :
The color range of Bubinga wood is from a pinkish red to a darker radish brown with darker purple of black shades. Bubinga wood is commonly seen with a variety of figure, including: waterfall, mottled, pommele, flamed, quilted etc.
Common Use :
Bubinga wood mostly used in Veneer, fine furniture, Cabinet, inlays, turning and other specialty items. Bubinga wood has been reported to cause skin irritation to some individuals.

 03   Dalbergia Wood :

Much like small to medium-sized trees Dalbergia is one of the most expensive wood in the world, belonging to the family Fabaceae assigned to the informal monophyletic Dalbergia sub-type Dalbergieae.

Dalbergia Wood Appearance :
Dalbergia Wood has a wide distribution, native to tropical regions of Central and South America, Africa, Madagascar and South Asia.
Common Use :
Using Dalbergia tree is quite wide valuable mainly for decorative and aromatic wood, which is rich with aromatic oils, while it is the most famous species is rose-wood. It is used for high class furniture, cordage, forests, sporting goods, bridge drivers and railway sleepers.


 04   Purple heart Wood :

Purple-heart wood is being rated as very durable and water resist. Purple-heart wood also called as Amaranth wood which is commonly found in Mexico, Brazil & America. Its scientific name is Peltogyne spp. Average Purpleheart tree size is from 100 – 170 ft. taller while width is 3 – 5 ft. The Agar wood is includes in most expensive wood.
Appearance/Color :
When freshly cutted Purple-heart wood is looks more purplish brown but when it became it bit dry it became deeper eggplant purple. With the passage of time wood became dark brown with a little bit shade of purple.
Commonly Used :
Purple-heart wood is commonly used in accent pieces, furniture, boat building, heavy construction, flooring and other wood items. The prices of Purple-heart wood is low to moderate.

 05   Lignum vitae :

The most expensive wood includes Lignum vitae wood. Any tree with the name of lignum vitae – translated it means “tree of life” – certainly worth a nod of respect. Lignum Vitaae still growing at a much smaller islands as well, but it is a very slow growing tree (less than 2 inches vertically every year), so it is seen as shrubs. Imagine how old the trees that were cut for support at Hermitage! Cutting and would be difficult.
Lignum vitae is also extremely heavy wood. So, it was used about Caribbean ballast in ships. Elsewhere, it was used for cricket bails and British police truncheons. For all of this, the name ‘wood of life’ apparently derives from the tree’s medicinal qualities rather than any physical prowess.

 06   Pink ivory :

The most expensive wood includes Pink ivory. Pink Ivory is very beautiful wood. Pink ivory also called purple ivory, red, ivory, umnini or umgoloty, is an African hardwood used to make a variety of products such as: billiard sticks and knife handles. At one time, is said to be more rare than diamonds. The pink ivory tree grows mainly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, and it takes hundreds of years to reach a size suitable to make a bowl empty. It has a very fine grain and takes higher, more polish as you would like to give it. Coatings that block UV light can be advantageous, as sunlight will gradually darken the wood. Fantastic decorative wood turning too.The tree is protected and sustainably maintained in South Africa, felled by a very limited authorization.

 07   Ebony Wood :

The Most expensive wood includes Ebony. Ebony is known as dense black timber which is most often prepared from several species in the genus Diospyros named. Ebony is also dense enough to sink into the water Good textured and somewhat smooth finish when polished to make it valuable as an ornamental wood. This black wood is pretty common in making instruments. A very durable, high oil wood. Ebony can be difficult to glue, because this oily nature. Ebony Wood is resistant to many insects. Will dull cutting blades quickly.

If you are looking for durable and well-furnished furniture then I must say you have to prefer furniture made-up of Ebony wood. It gives classic look and brightens up the worth of your house.

 08   Agar wood :

The Most expensive wood includes Agar wood. The source of Agar wood is Aquilaria tree. This ever-green tree bears flowers that are sweetly scented. Agar wood is prized incense that is extremely rare. It has at least 3,000 years of history in the Middle East, China and Japan. For centuries, our people have knowledge and experience of Agar wood oil and agar in Bangladesh. “The current levels of exploitation of forests can be an important factor to increase their threat of extinction. For years, trees of the genus Aquilaria were the main source of Agar wood, (also called eagle wood, gaharu, aloes wood among others), a the most valuable forest products traded internationally.


 09   Sandal-Wood :

The most expensive wood comprises sandal-wood. Sandalwood is recognised as the name of the class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum. Belonging to the parasympathetic medium trees, this forest is a little heavy, yellow, and fine, and unlike many other aromatic woods they retain the scent for many decades. And also the use of cut wood and collected in-seated, essential oils are derived from wood for use.


 10   African Black wood :

The most expensive tree include African black wood. African Black Wood is known as a flowering plant in the family beardless born seasonally dry regions of Africa from Senegal east to Eritrea, and south to the Transvaal in South Africa. The tree is known as an important native tree species in the area.

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  1. I think African Black wood is the Most expensive wood in the world.

    1. Yes Dear you are right but African Black wood is the 10th number in most expensive wood in the world.
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    2. It takes 70 years for it to grow as full fledged tree

  2. Hi there
    The woods stated here , after which I got seeds of Sandal and African blackwood from India.
    Under germination in coco peat trays.

    Further Lignum vitae is easily available on Amazon.

    For rest of 6-7 species I have searched sites in UK Africa everyday and only Punk ivory is in stock as seeds.

    Where do I as an enthusiast to grow a rate forest of all these find best place for seeds??

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