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Petrol Prices in Pakistan 2018

Pakistan Fuel Price – Petrol Price – Diesel Price – Hi-Octane

Last Updated On: 1 Feb, 2018

Latest and updated Petrol Prices in Pakistan are published here every month after price announcement by the OGRA (Oil & Gas Regularity Authority) Pakistan under the Ministry of Petroleum.

At the end of each month, prices for Oil products are announced including prices for petrol, diesel & Kerosene Oil, we take care to update these prices on a regular monthly basis. Below is a summary of petrol and diesel prices in major cities of Pakistan:

Current Fuel Price in Pakistan including Petrol, Hi-Octane, Diesel and Kerosene Oil

  • HOBC – High-Octane Rs: 73.35 / Per Litre

  • Premium Rs: 84.51 / Per Litre

  • High Speed Diesel Rs: 95.83/ Per Litre

  • Light Speed Diesel Rs: 64.3 / Per Litre

  • Kerosene Oil Rs: 70.26 / Per Litre

  Old Petroleum Prices :

Date : HOBC 

Per Ltr


Per Ltr

HS Diesel 

Per Ltr

LS Diesel 

Per Ltr


Per Ltr

Jan 01, 2018 Rs.73.35 Rs.81.53 Rs.89.91 Rs.58.37 Rs.62.3
Jun 01, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.72.8 Rs.81.4 Rs.44 Rs.44
Apr 03, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.74 Rs.84 Rs.44 Rs.44
Mar 01, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.73 Rs.83 Rs.44 Rs.44
Feb 01, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.70.29 Rs.79.48 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Jan 16, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.68.04 Rs.77.22 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Jan 02, 2017 Rs.72.68 Rs.66.27 Rs.75.22 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Dec 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.66.27 Rs.75.22 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Nov 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.64.27 Rs.72.52 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Oct 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.64.27 Rs.72.52 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Sep 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.64.27 Rs.72.52 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Aug 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.64.27 Rs.72.52 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Jul 01, 2016 Rs.72.68 Rs.64.27 Rs.72.52 Rs.43.35 Rs.43.25
Jun 01, 2016 Rs.72.62 Rs.64.27 Rs.75.86 Rs.40.2 Rs.45.23

Please Note: All Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.

If you require any further information about Petrol Prices, feel free to contact us.

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