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PHOENIX Battery Price List 2018

PHOENIX Battery is the product of 21-Century Engineering Industries Pvt Limited which was established in Pakistan in 2005.These batteries produced for all types of automobiles, UPS, Inverter and Solar Systems. Phoenix batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan.

PHOENIX Batteries Price List 2018 :

Battery Type:
No. of Plates:
Phoenix XP 45L 9 30AH 3,600/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 50L 9 34 4,100/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 55L 11 38 4,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix CNG 50 09 34 4,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix CNG 60 11 44 5,200/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 65 13 56 5,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 70R 9 50 5,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 80 11 60 6,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 88L 13 72 6,500/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 100 11 70 7,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 105R 13 75 7,300/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 110R 15 80 8,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix EXT 125 15 85 8,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix EXT 130 17 90 9,500/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 135 17 100 10,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 145 19 105 10,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 160R 19 108 11,700/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 185 23 120 13,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 205 25 145 16,300/-Rupees.
Phoenix XP 220 27 160 17,000/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 50 9 34 3,463/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 90 11 60 5,265/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 125 15 80 7,780/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 140 17 105 8,658/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 175 21 132 11,800/-Rupees.
Phoenix UGS 215 25 168 16,800/-Rupees.

Note: All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.

Tips for Battery Long Life :

  • For long life of Battery you need a good brand UPS or Inverter.
  • Use acid with 1250 gravity every time to refill.
  • Keep the battery in a ventilated place.
  • Never charge the battery over 10-Amp.
  • Always use white acid to refill the battery.
  • If the UPS is not used for a week Switch off the UPS completely.

Other Brand Price Lists :

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  1. Muhammad Shafique Qureshi


    I am interested to get distribution at Bahawalpur. Kindly guid me in this regard as soon as possible Plz.


    Muhammad Shafique

  2. Nadeem Ahmed Jeelani

    Please let me know about the maximum % on Volta Batteries and UPS along with other incentives being offered by the company.

  3. I need dry battery for my home ups home inverter I used to use ags 190 two batteries which one fail in year.

  4. Tell me fix price xp160 in lahore and locate me a shop and detelles

    1. I need dry battery for my home ups what will be the price?

      1. Sir, Here You Can se all info >>
        Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

        1. Phoenix 220 amp is better I am using last 2 years still okay.

  5. Dear Mere Gar Me 5 Fans .3 Ya 4 Energy Savers Use Hote ha..Advise Me Me Katne Load Ke batterys or
    UPs Use karo Or Kon se Best Compenys ah Jan Ke Battery long time work kare…Thanks..Advance..

    1. Dear, Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt system, it is way more efficient then single battery 12-Volt system.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  6. Please tell the registered/Genuine seller point in Lahore,, from where the Original product can be purchased..

    1. Sir, Here you can see all about Phoenix dealers in Pakistan >>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  7. Any contact number for Karachi

    1. Sir, Here you can see details about Phoenix dealers .>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  8. I need a ups and battery for 4 fan and 6 energy sever kindly advised me which ups is best and how many am battery required to work properly thankx

    1. Sir, You need APC 24 Volt UPS & 2 Batteries. Always Use 2 batteries 24-Volt system, it is way more efficient then single battery 12-Volt system.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  9. Dear phoenix
    Im from indian occupied kashmir
    I waanna deal with your batteries,invertors n solar system
    Im already dealing with invertors n batteries
    So can u reply how can i deal with your company

    1. Sir, Here you can see all info >
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

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