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Solar Panels Price in Pakistan 2018

Latest Solar Panels Price in Pakistan 2018 :

Here you can see Latest price of solar panels in Pakistan. 150 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan, 100 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan, 250 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan 2018, Solar Panel 50 Watt & 100 Watt Price, 250 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, 450 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, 650 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan.

سولر پینل ۔ 

سولر پینل کو شمسی توانائی بھی کہا جاسکتا ہے ۔ سورج سے توانائی وصول کرکے آوٹ پٹ بارہ وولٹ جس کو ڈی سی کرنٹ دیتے ہیں۔ جس سے ڈائریکٹ ڈی سی آلات کو چلایا جاسکتا ہے یا کہ بیٹری کو چارج کرکے استعمال کرسکتے ہوں۔ سولر کی تین اقسام ہیں زیادہ طور پر پولی اور مونو پینل استعمال ہوتے ہیں جب کہ پاکستان میں زیادہ موزوں موسم کے اعتبار سے پولی ہے جبکہ کوالٹی اور رزلٹ مونو کا اچھا ہے۔ لیکن یہ تو عمومی معلومات ہوئی جو تقریبا متعلقہ شخص کو پتہ ہے۔ اصل دو مسائل اہم ہیں ایک سولر پینل میں A-B-C گریڈ کا ہے ۔ اگر اے گریڈ ہو تو مطلب بیس سے تیس سال تک کام کرے گئ۔ اور اگر بی گریڈ ہو تو دس سے پندرہ سال اور سی گریڈ تو پانچ سال ہی نکالے گے۔ آج کل کے مارکیٹ میں بی گریڈ کو اے اور سی کو بی کہا جاتاہے۔ دوسرا اہم مسئلہ اصلی ہے یا کاپی ؟ اگر اصلی ہے تو نیا یا استعمال شدہ ہے۔ اوریجنل میں نیا مال ملنا پاکستان میں مشکل ہے یا بہت مہنگا ہے۔ استعمال شدہ میں دو تین سال تک مسئلہ نہیں اگر اچھے کمپنی کے ہوں۔ مسئلہ ہے چھوٹے موٹے فیکٹریوں کے بی اور سی گریڈ پینل جوبھی گریڈ اے کا دعوی کرتے ہیں۔ وہ دیرپا نہیں اور نہ ہی پورا کرنٹ دیتا ہے۔ اور یہ سیلز کے کچرا سے ہی سی گریڈ پینل بناتے ہیں۔

Price of Solar Panels in Pakistan :

Solar Panels Quality: Life Span of Solar Panels: Prices Per Watt:
A Branded Panels 20 to 25 Years 90 to 100
B Class Panels 10 to 15. Years 70  to 90
C Class Local made Low Quality Panels 3 to 5 Years 50 to 65

There are two main types of solar panels :

  1. Poly Crystalline
  2. Mono Crystalline
  • Mono Crystalline Solar Panels works efficiently on higher heats as compared to Poly Solar Panels.

Solar Charge Controllers Price List 2018 :

  • 12-V / 24-V auto sense 10-Amp charge controller  1500 to 2,000 Rupees.
  • 12-Volts 30 Ampere Charge controller 1500 Rupees.
  • 24-Volts 50 Amp Charge controller 3,000 Rupees.
  • 10 ampere charge controller With Single USB charging port 1,300 Rupees.
  • 20 ampere charge controller With USB charging port 1,700 Rupees.
  • 30 ampere charge controller With USB port 1,900 Rupees.
  • 50 ampere charge controller With USB port 3,000 Rupees.

Types of Batteries for Solar Systems:

Specific batteries are used with the solar panel to operate home appliances and It depend on the consumption of electricity and production that which one is suitable for the system. Those are enlisted as following.

  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • Lithium ion Batteries

It depend on the user which kind he want to use as according to the power plan. AGM batteries are best for use because these are built on the advance technologies and their efficiency is also higher as compared to others and its cost is also higher as compared to the rest of others.

Solar System Fitting Cost in Pakistan:

Cost mainly depend on the consumption of electricity in a house and mainly for a normal house solar system of 2000 watts cost for 3 to 4 lacs and it is way better than the paying of electricity bills on monthly basis only you have to bear expense in start and then you will enjoy free electricity for the rest of life and there are different companies providing fitting of system and whole life maintenance for free and their work is totally outstanding, prices varies per 100 watt and every house has his own consumption so this price may not fit for every user.

  • Pak solar services
  • Nizam energy company
  • Premier energy company
  • SE solar Pakistan

Load Calculation :

This very first thing that come in our mind that how big solar system you needed? 
You can calculate your load with the help of following table.
Appliance : Estimated Watts :
Ceiling Fan (Good Brands) 75  to 100 Watts
Energy saver 8 to 45 watts depend on the power
Toaster 800 to 1500
Padesial Fan 200 to 300
Coffee Grinder 100
Blender 300
Microwave (600 to 1000 W cooking power) 1100 to 2000 Watts (elec. consumption)
Waffle iron 1200
Hot plate 1200
Frying pan 1200
Toaster Oven 1200
Blow dryer 900-1500
> Laptop
> PC and Monitor
> printer inkjet
50 to 75
100 to 150
60 to 75
Refrigerator 600
Freezer 500 to 800
Vacuum cleaner 300 to 1100
Iron 1000
Space Heater 1000 to 1500
Washing Machine 500 to 900
 Table Fan 12″ (Inch) 3 speed 50 to 100
Room AC (Depends on Cooling Capacity) 1000 to 2000 Watts

Complete Solar System Prices in Pakistan :

Solar System : Panel Watts : Load : Price :
1-KVA 600 2 Fan

3 Energy saver


2-KVA 1000 4 Fan

6 Energy saver


3-KVA 1,400 6 Fan

9 Energy saver

2 LED Tv

1 Deep Freezer  

1 Water Pump

1 Washing Machine

4-KVA 2,400 8 Fan

10 Energy saver

2 LED Tv

1 Deep Freezer

1 Water Pump

1 Washing Machine

1 Ton AC

5-KVA 3,200 10 Fan

15 Energy saver

3 LED Tv

2 Deep Freezer           

1 Water Pump

Washing Machine

1.5 Ton AC


Note: All Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete and accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  1. I want to turn on my 04 savers and 03 Fans and also TV so suggest me how many panels i have to purchase ?

    1. Sir, You need Inverex 24-Volt XP Solar Inverter with two 17 plates Batteries, 600 Watt Solar Panels and
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. @Admin. very good effort and very informative well done sir

      2. Ser soler panel branded hay ya local 2 fan our soler coler kay laya kiynay soler chahay ager branded ho 150 watt ka kitnay ka ata hay our kha say milay gay lahore may

        1. 150 Watt K 4 Solar Panel, Hall Road Se Pata Ker Lein ya Sharp K Solar Panel Le Lain..

          1. Sir mere pass 175 ki battrye our 1000 volt ka ups hai 2 fan 2 saver our ek led tv chalana hai kitni soller ki plates lagwau.,

          2. Dear Sir,
            1- Pehlay to aap apna UPS Change ker k Homeage Ya Inverex Solar wala UPS lein jis K sath aap solar panel attach ker saktay hain us ka bad aap 600 watt k solar pannel sath attach ker dain.
            2- Apnay energy savers ki jaga pay 220 Volt K LED Bulb Use kerin.
            3- Apnay fan change ker k Royal Energy Saver Fan Laga lein. energy saver fan say aap ka UPS Pe half load reh jay ga.
            Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

  2. My Dear,
    There are different brands like Canada, Germany USA and China etc but only 2 types mono and multi

  3. The prices solar panel along with charger?

    1. Dear, Charge controller is not included in the panels price.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  4. Respected Sir,
    Please tell me that i use 5 fans 4 lights and one freezer and i want to buy 2 batteries and how much Solar plates and also one ups how much watts and where i buy these items A+ plates near Peshawar.

    1. Sir, You need Inverex 24-Volt XP Solar Inverter with two 25 plates Batteries, 600 Watt Solar Panels and
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans. Royal Energy Saver Fan takes only 40 to 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans. (Freezer is not included in the package)
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  5. AOA
    Sir Main aik solar panel purchase karna chati hun jis k saath just one fan run kar sakay plz mujay iss k baray main information dayn k yeh kitnay main aay ga?

    1. 1 Solar Panel pe 12-Volt DC Fan Chala Sakay Hain Wo Bi Sirf Din K Time.
      150 watt Ka Solar Panel 7000 Ka Milta Hai.
      Agar Aap 2 Solar Panel Sath me 500 Watt Ka UPS Attach ker Lein to phr ap Din Rat 2 Fan aur Lights Chala Saktay Hain.
      Aap Ko Apnay old Selling Fan Change Kar K Royal Energy Saver Fan Lagany Hoyn Ga.
      Total Cost 25,000 to 30,000 Ho ge.

  6. Dear Sir, Main ny 150 watt ky 2 solar panel purchase kiye hien aur main 3 solar fan chalana chahta hoon. inform me K Main kitny watt ki aur kon c company ki battery purchase kron. Thanks

    1. Sir, Aap 3 DC 12-Volt Fans K Liye 19 Plate Ki Battery + Battery Charger Ki Zarorat Hai Sirf Solar Se 3 Fan Chala K Charging Ni ho gi. DC Solar Waly Fan Boht Jaldi Karab Ho Jatay Hain.
      Mera Maswara Hai K Aap Royal K Energy Saver Fan Le Lo Life Time Guarantee Aur 700 Watt Ka Inverex Solar Inverter le lain Aur koi C 21 ya 23 Plate Ki Battery Le Lain. Agr Aap Zaida Acha System Chatay Hain to 24 Volt Ka Solar Inverter Laga lein us K Sath 2 Batteries 17 Plates Ki Laga Lein.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  7. AOA,

    I want to run 2 fans, 4 energy savers of my home and socket for mobile charger+ modem. Please let me know about whole system alongwith price. I already have UPS and Batteries at my home.

    1. Sir, You need Inverex 24-Volt XP Solar Inverter with 600 Watt Solar Panels and
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  8. kindly ya bata da ka 3 fans aur 5 energy saver ka liya kitne solar palte aur inverter ke zoorat ha aur kitna khurch ho ga

  9. ghar ka liya kitna watt ka solar ke zoorat ha jis ma 3fans aur 5 energy saver ha total kitne cost ho ge with fitting aur ap islamabad ma apni kisi shop ka address be sent kar da thanks kindly reply abid islamabad

    1. Solar UPS with Grid Hybrid.
      Price of complete solar system with batteries : 150000
      AGECO Pvt, Ltd.
      Islamabad Contact Number: 92-51-2270126
      Address: 7 & 8 First Floor Hil view Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad.

  10. dear sir muje yeh jaan na hai k hgp jo 12v ka hai 1kv woh kitna load chala sakta hai means k ek ghar mai kya chezay chala sakta hai masalan muje 5 fans or 12 energy saver or ek frenge normal chalana ho ek laptop 2 tv ya lcd to kitna back up dey sakta hai or kya price hogi.

    1. Sir, Aap k comment ki samj nai lag rahi aap solar system k bary poch rahay hain ya UPS k Baray???

  11. Abdul Ghaffar Ranjhani

    sir how to buy solar 150 watt

    1. Contact Details:
      AGECO Pvt, Ltd.
      Islamabad Contact Number: 92-51-2270126
      Address: 7 & 8 First Floor Hil view Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad.

  12. Sir, 24 Volt K A+ 250 Watt Solar Panel Price ??

    1. Solar Panel Prices at various distributors :
      Mono crystalline Solar Panels:
      Canadian Solar Rs.90 to 115 per watt.
      LDK Solar Rs.115 per watt
      Yingli Solar.Rs 100 per watt
      Poly Crystalline
      Canadian Solar Rs. 70 to 105 per watt
      Mono crystalline
      Sharp Rs. 125 per watt
      ReneSolar Rs. 75 per watt
      Poly Crystalline
      Yigli Solar Rs. 75 per watt
      Mono Crystalline
      German Rs. 140 per watt
      Poly Crystalline Solar Panels:
      Chinese Rs. 55 to 70 per watt

  13. Salam.
    Sir Main apny ghar mein 1 DC selling fan 2 DC energy sever chalana chahta hon is k liya mujhy kitny watt ka solar panel or mazeed konsi devices zarorat hon ge…..Thanks

    1. W. Salam.
      Dear, 17 plate battery, 300 watt solar pannels aur charge controller (DC selling fan boht jaldi kharab ho jatay hain)
      Aap 500 watt ka single battery ups le lain jis k sath solar panels attach ho jatay hain aur sath main royal energy saver selling fan laga lein.

  14. Sajjad

    Sir I want to install new Solar system my home in Rahim Yar khan 4 Sealing Fans + 6 Energy Savor LED 40″ and Air Cooler 190 Walt tell me what is your suggestion about installation complete system,

    I have already HOME Age Single Battery UPS with 21 Plates one Batter


    Waiting your Reply

    1. Solar UPS with Grid Hybrid.
      Price of complete solar system with batteries : 150000
      AGECO Pvt, Ltd.
      Phone: +92-51-2270126
      Address: 7 & 8 First Floor Hill view Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad.

  15. Dear I need 6 solar panels, monocrystalline each of 50 W, what would be the cost?
    and can you please tell me about the most efficient solar panel available in market?

    Thank you,

    1. 50 WATT MONO-CRYSTALLINE Solar Panel Price : 3,750

  16. Sir mujhe ek computer ek celling fan or ek energy sever chalana hai plz mujhe batain k main konsa soller system lun or us ki total price with ups and battery k
    kia ho gi or bake up bhi plz

    1. 500 ya 700 watt ka UPS Jis Main Builtin Charge controller.
      21 Plate Battery.
      2 150 Watt K Solar Panel.

  17. I like to run 1 ton Ac, 40 inch led, one fridge, 6 energy saver and two ceiling fan what will be it cost of solar system

  18. Sir mjhe 100 amp ki bettry charge karne k lie konsa solar pannel or konsa charger ki zrorat parege

    1. Sir, Aap 100 amp Battery K Liye 150 ya 200 Watt Ka 12 Volt Solar Panel Le Lain. Sath Main 20 amp Ka Charge Controller Laga Lein.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  19. Salam … Mery pass room hai mery pass (ups ..or ..AGS.175 ) laga huva hai main solar panel lagana chahta hun plz app yeh batain ( 2. Fan 2.light ) kon sa panel use karu or Sara kitna kharha hop ga. Plz plz lazmi batana

    1. Sir , Aap 2 150 watt k solar panel aur solar charge controller laga lain aur apnay fan change ker k Royal energy saver ceiling fan laga lain.
      agr aap full time backup chahtay hain to phir double battery ka 24 volt ups laga lein us k sath do 15 plate ki battery laga lein.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

      1. Solar system price please.

  20. Sir mujy ye janana h k inverex inverter kya h?kya ye ups h?

    1. Sir, Inverter UPS Hi Hai, Inverex XP Solar Walay model K Sath Hi Solar Panel attach ho Jatay Hain alag Se Charge Controller Nai Lagna Parta.

  21. muhammad Asif Mehar


  22. respected sir! main ghar main 2 fans or lights or laptop chalana chahta hn on solar system whats it,s packege and prize

    1. 70,000 Rupees.
      > Inverex XP Solar Inverter.
      > 2 Batteries
      > 600 Watt Solar Panels
      > 2 Royal Energy Saver Fans.

  23. aslam ulikum sir kia hal hai sir me ap se 1 swaal krha hu ka 150 watt solar kitne ka milega aor solar ka busnis ke bare mai information chahie

    1. !وعليكم السلام
      150 Solar Panel price is 7000 Rupees.
      Business K Baray aap kisi company se Contact Karein.

      1. 7000 wala solar kon c compny ka hota he

        1. 7,000 Walay Solar Panels Zaida-tar Local Hotay Hain ya China.

  24. Dear Administrator

    I appreciate your efforts to provide useful info to people and educating them to wisely use their hard earned money for their own benefit. May Allah bless you.

    Kindly tell me the following, for which I would be grateful.
    1- solar system requirement for an off- grid circuit to run 5 ceilings fans only.

    2- Battery requirement in terms of AH for a UPS to run 7 ceiling fans and 12 led lights of 18 watts each.

    3- What type of solar panel is best in Karachi region and which is the best brand in terms of economy.


    1. Sir, You need Inverex XP Solar 24-Volt UPS and two 200-AMP batteries .
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans. Royal Energy Saver Fan takes only 40 to 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans.
      Here some Dry Battery brands names with price:
      NARADA Polymer Gel Battery 200AH Price: 40,000
      NARADA GP Series Dry Battery 12V 200AH Price: 34,500
      Solar Saz Dry Battery 200AH Price: Rs.29,999
      Eco-Star >>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. Thanks for your response, but my last question is remaining, I want to know that for Karachi which solar panel will be more efficient
        Polycrystsline. Or Monocrystalline

  25. sir plz battaye ga k 5kva ka inverter kon sa best hay
    inverex mppt hybrid
    homesge mppt hubrid
    or tubler battery 150~200 ya phir osaka gold 200~250

    1. Inverex and tubeler batteries.

      1. Sir aaslamalekm m ny invertex inveter 2400 va lgya hy 100 ameer ke 2 betri lgae hne ab m kon sa soler penel lno

        1. Dear, A Grade k 300 Watt k 2 Solar panel gaga lein kisi achi company k.
          Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  26. 150 watt ka solar penal kon c compny ka acha hota he our kitne tk aai ga

    1. Sir, 150 Watt Solar Panel 7,000 se 7,500 Ka Mil Jay ga. Clump Meter Laga K Cheak Kr Lain Jo Zaida Ampere De Le Lein.

      1. sir ya b to lekhein k maximum kitny ampere dy ga 150 watt solar panel jo 7000 sy 7500 ka hy

  27. A.O.A
    sir main apnay aik chotay say ghar main do (2) 12 watt dc fan or do (2) 12 watt dc lights lagana chahta hon es k liye mujay kon sa pannel or kon c power ki battery lagani ho gi jab k main es system ko sirf 12 volt main hi rakhna / use karna chahta hon yani wapda hai b nahi or us ko ups per convert b nahi karna chahta. matlab solar pannel or battery or 12 watt main do do (2) (2) items sirf . please help me. or sath main yeh b bataein k mono ya poly pannels main kaya farq hai or kahan per kon sa use karna chahiye.

    1. Sir, Aap 150 watt K 4 Solar panel aur ko bi 200 Amp ki Battery laga Lain. DC Fan Check Ker K Kam Se Kam AMP Wala Lain.

  28. A-o-A Sir
    I have already two 150 wat solar panal,simple ups and 15 plates battery.
    Mujhay kitnay amp ka charge
    Control lagana paray ga.aur is ki kia price he?
    What’s the price of royal energy saver fan?

    1. Sir, Koi Bi 30 Amp Ka LCD Display Wala Charge Controller Laga Lain.
      Royal Energy Saver Fan ki Price 3,200 Hai.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  29. We are required 250 watt mono panels and 110AH Dry Batteries, dealers should contact us at

  30. Sir mary pas 1000 watt ka ups hy or 180 ampair ki 2 battery 21 plat hain, to mujy kitny watt ki kitni solar plates lagani chahiay jo pura 1000 watt dy

    1. Sir, Aap UPS K Sath 150 Watt K 4 Panel Laga Lein. Din K Time UPS Ki Charging Katam Nai Ho gi.

    2. Sir mere pas 1 50w ka solar panel ha or 12amp ki battery ha solar current de raha ha Lenin battery charge nhi ho rhi plz ap btaien kya problem ha

      1. Sir, mujy btaien ke agar mein apny ghar 2 fan or 2energy saver lagaon to mujy kitny watt k kitny solar panel or knsi battery lani ho gi plz sir help me

        1. Sir, Aap Inverex XP Solar Simulated Sine Wave 1200VA 720W Aur 2 A-Grade 300 watt Solar Panels
          Thanks for visiting GETATTIME…

      2. Dear, Meray Kyal Se Battery Karab Ho gai Hai…

  31. Asalamualikum

    sir mayne 2 dc cooler chalaney hay

    sir kon si battery cheyee or solar panel kon sa lo

    no wapda

    1. 150 Watt K 4 Solar Panel 200 Ah battery Aur Charge Controller. Total Cost: 50,000 to 55,000


    1. 150 Watt K 6 Solar Panel 45,000 es Mein Batteries Aur Charge Controller Ki Price Shamil Nai Hain.

  33. I want to purchase a 220Amp battery, Which one will be the better, currently i have Osaka, which is working since last 3 years on 12v UPS. Still gives 1.5 hours backup.

    Please suggest, Osaka, Atlas, Phonex or Millat?

  34. ye jo ap solar system ki prices show ki h kia ye wapda wale fan AC chalaainge ya in k lie 12 watt AC ki zroorat ho gi?


    1. Dear, Aap Inverex XP Solar 1200VA 720 Watt Price in Pakistan Le Lain Sath Mein 19 Plate Ki Battery Aur Royal Energy Saver Ceiling Fan Le Lain. DC Na Lein, Sath 2 Solar Panel attach Ker Lain.
      Thanks for visting GETATTIME…

      1. G mjhe 1.5 ka a.c or 3 ceiling fan kuch saver or 2 l.e.d use krne hain to uske liye kya zroort hoga

        1. Sir, For more info visit >
          Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

      2. Hafiz Khadim Hussain

        sir tv ke kitne watts hoote hi

        1. Dear, Solar pe LED thek rehti hai.

  36. muhammad ijaz akram

    sir i want to r un 1.5 ton Ac ,1 deep freezer ,1 water pump and 2 fans please send me the calculated power needed and also the rates of A+ and A categories on my email id thanks and regards
    plz send your phone number

    1. Sir, For more info visit >> http://www.solarsigma.com
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  37. AOA,
    Dear sir jo ap ny sab sy last par (5-kva) system detail de han wo complete han jis may betters and converter shamil hy ya wo alag sy lena ho ga

  38. Respected sir,
    Nary pas 24volt ka ups pay 12volt key panels thek rahey gey ya
    24volt key?

    1. 12 Volt Panels with with 12 & 24 volt automatic charge controller..

  39. sir, please advise me that i want to run 24 hrs 1 ton inverter AC on solar panel. What would be the exact cost of solar panel for the purpose.

    i want to place order immediately. please response urgent.

    Thanks and regards

  40. solar panel kitni consumption ke liye suitable hai? if my monthly bill is aroung 3,500 – 4,000 then is it feasible for me? Load is 1 fridge, 1 LCD, 3 Fans and 8 to 12 LED lights.

    and please suggest me the solar panel system along with cost.
    i posted a comment earlier but don’t know why my comment is not appearing there.
    expecting a reply this time.

    1. Sir, For more info visit >>> http://www.solarsigma.com
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME

  41. Dear Admin,
    sir mai apna furniture ka showroom kholne lga ho mai apna sara load solar k through chalana cha rha ho plz guide me k mai apne applinces kon se use kro n solar ki plates kitni lo?? mai ne 2 ac, 12 energy saver, 5 fans chalane ha

    1. Dear Sir, For more info please visit >>> http://www.solarsigma.com
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  42. Assalam o Alaikum, sir,
    mery ghar mein 10 fans aur 20 energy savers hain, bijli katwa deni hai meny. mein chahta hon k solar system bnwa lon, aur sab fans aur savers 12 volt waly lga dn. pani ki motor genrator pr chala lety hain, fridge aur tv hai hi nahi. yani poory ghar mein 12 volt ka circuit ho bs. sawal yeh hai k fans aur lights 24 hours chalany hain. poora system bnany mein kitna kharcha aye ga, fans and savers b amout mein add kr k btaye ga woh b new leny hain 12 volt waly. ya aap k pas koi behter suggestion ho tu woh bta dain. waiting for your reply. thanks

    1. For more info visit >>>
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  43. salam sir ap k pas 3phase invetar ha jo sirf solar penal pa din ko chaly humhen samer sabl motr pump chalana ha agr ap k apna contact number da saky do mera num pa msg kar den 03155509198

    1. Sir, For more info visit >>> http://www.solarsigma.com
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  44. Dear sir, mere pass 500 watt wala coper rewinding ups aur 140 volta battery hai, main 2 fans & 2 energy severs chlana chahta hon, plz guid kijiye k mjhy kitny watt ki solar plates aur kitny ampare ka controller lgana chaheye.

    1. Dear, Aap A Grade K 2 150 solar panel + Charge Controller Le lain Aur apnay fan Change Ker K Royal Energy Saver Fan Laga Lein. Energy Savers ki jaga Hero K LED Blub use Kerin. Yeh System Aap Ko Sasta Paray Ga.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  45. Sir 1 ton ac ki price

    1. Dear, Solar Per AC Chalnay K Liye 250000 Solar System Ki Cost Hai, 1 ton Inverter AC Price 55000 Total Cost 305000…

  46. Sir mery pas 1500 watt ka ups hai. Usky Sath 200amp ki 2 dry batteries lgi hoe hain.agar main unko soller py convert karon tu Kitny seller panel lgy gain aur kitny watt k?

    1. 4 300 Watt A-Grade Solar Panels and Solar Inverter

  47. sir mene jst 1 d.c cooler day and nigt chlana h us k lie konsa solar panel or battery chahe plz rply me

    1. 300 watt Solar Panels, Charge controller, 200 AH Battery

  48. I want just a computer system on Solar. how many watt plate required as well Rs.?

    1. 2 Solar Panel 300 Watt + Solar Inverter + Battery

  49. Sir 20 hrs power ki motter pe invert aur palat kitni lagen gi kitni power wali total kia kharcha ae ga, Ata chaki lagani he agr DC motor se ata chaki chalaen to kia kharcha ae ga. DC. Motor 15 kilo wadd per kitni plat lagaen 250 wat wali Total kharcha bata den.

    1. Dear, Here you see all info >>>
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  50. Sir mn 1.5 ton ka ac direct solar panel py chalana chahta hn only day time without batteries sir kya aesa posible hy or solar panel ki total kya cost ho ge
    Sir plz reply

    1. Dear, Here you can see all info >>
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  51. I have a conventional 750watt ecostar UPS with a 27 plates 200AH battery. can I convert it onto solar input power system. Pl. provide the complete details with prices & the back-up power can be use for how much time.

    1. Dear, You Need 2 150 Watt Solar Panel A Grade and Charge controller
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME

  52. Sir main nay 150watt kay 2solar panel lagaya hain aur solar ups be lagaya hai aur sath 220 amp ki battery lagy hai laken woh din ko aik fan be nahi chalta solar par aur battery be charge nahi karta laken electricity par battery be charge hoti hai.din ko electricity band kar dain to woh battery charge nahi karta Kay waja hai ais Kay laya Kay karna ho ga

    1. Dear, Aap ne jo Solar panel liye hain wo low quality k ho saktay un ki power kam hoti hai. panel hamesha A grade kisi achi company k lenay chahiyen. Aur fan change ker k solar energy saver fan laga lein…

  53. Assalam o alaikum
    Can u please quote for 60 volt 1000 watt solar panels
    I need for DC submersible pump in multan

    1. Sir, For more info visit >>>
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME…

  54. Summer pump agar chalana ho to 10 hhorse power ka ya 4hp ki ak motar ho kitnay panael lagay gay kia cost aye gi or is panel k sath kitni batrry ya or kia samaan lagyga plz bta day mera farm house hai waha mujgy zameen say 300 feet say pani nikalna hai 1 inch bhi aye kafi hoga

    1. Agr ap ka water level 300 ft hai,to 4 hp lagayen,1.5 inch pani ho ga,19 panels 250w ke.4 kw ka inverter aur frame lgane hon ge,waise ap kaha se ho,jahan 300 ft level hai?

  55. What is the price of 150 wats solar panel

      1. Singal piece
        100 piece rate

      2. Ma 100 panal lana chahta hon sale k leay price

        1. Sir, Aap Lahore se Hall Road aur Shah Alami Market Se ya kisi Solar Company se contact Karin.

  56. I have some question for you. Can we talk please. You may call me or tell me how can we talk

    1. Sir, Send your cell number.

  57. Sir mere pass 1500 watt ka ups with 2 battries 165amp(AGS) lga hua ha me isko electricity ki jaga solar plates sy charge krna chahta hun.
    Please guide me what is require for this purpose.

    1. Sir,
      1- Aap Home-age Ya Inverex Ka Solar wala UPS lein Jis K sath aap solar panel attach ker saktay hain. Sath Mein Dry Batteries Use Karin.
      2- Energy Savers ki jaga pay 220 Volt K LED Bulb Use kerin. (warranty walay achi company k)
      3- Fan change Ker K Royal Energy Saver Fan Laga lein. Royal Energy Saver Fan sirf 50 watt leta hai. es say raat ko aap ka batteries backup double ho jay. aur din ko bi koi masla ni ho ga.
      Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

  58. main apnay ghar k liay solar system lgana chahta hun…3 savor aik led or aik mobile charging port bus..mjy detail main btain k kitni plates lagain gi..battery kon c lagay gi..or inverter kon sa lagay ga…total cost kitni aay gi…kindly in details btain..ho sakay to mujhay mail kr dain details.thanks

    1. Dear Sir,
      1- Aap Home-age Ya Inverex Ka Solar wala UPS lein Jis K sath aap solar panel attach ker saktay hain. Sath Mein Dry Battery Use Karin.
      2- Energy Savers ki jaga pay 220 Volt K LED Bulb Use kerin ( Warranty Walay Achi Company k )
      3- Fan change Ker K Royal Energy Saver Fan use karein. Royal Energy Saver Fan say aap ka UPS Pe Half Load Reh Jay ga.
      Total Cost 50,000 ay gi with 2 solar panel.
      Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

  59. Pls tell me 150w mono solar panl price

    1. Price of Mono Crystalline Panels are Between 7,000 to 10,000.

  60. A+ branded solar panel 150 Watts price plsssss

    1. Sir, Prices of A+ branded solar panel are between 80 to 100 Rupees per watt.
      Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

  61. i m interesting 3 kva for hyderabad latifabad 9 mir fazal town
    please inform me as per requirement in hyderabad your specific address

    1. Sir, Here you see all info >>
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  62. 150 watts solar panel Rs katnia haie

    1. Sir, Price of 150 watt Solar panel is 7000.
      Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.COM

  63. acha ya batein k humein kasa pata chly ga k ya solar panel kitny wala hy 60 to 70 ka hy ya 80 to 100 ka hy ya 100 to 110 ka hy

  64. Mujhe apna 1.5 ton split AC use kerne liye solar pannel lagana hai, aap plz mujhe batayen ke mujhe kitne watt ka solar lagana parega or uski price kya hoge. Plz reply me as soon as possible

    1. Sir, Agar aap sirf din K time 1.5 ton ka inverter AC chalao to 170,000 (with out Batteries system) aur agr raat k time bi chalana hai to 350,000 tak cost hai with Batteries.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  65. 1- What is the price of 300 watt Mono solar panel
    2- what is the price of Hybrid solar Inverter of 5000 watt in Lahore Pakistan

    1. 1- Price of 300 watt Mono Solar panel is 12000 to 15000.
      2- Price of 5000 Watt Solar Inverter is 60000 to 70000.
      Thanks for Visiting GETATTIME.

    2. Dear sir,
      we are going to start newly banquet at DIGRI SINDH Distt: Mir Pur Khas. we have 40 numbers of bracket fans and about 150 numbers LED lights.Please advise us either we use 220v or 12v . we will install solar pannels because wapda can not be afordable.

      Thanks & Regards:

      1. Sir, The estimated cost is 500,000 Rupees with 24 Hours Back Up.
        220 volt system is best.
        Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  66. Sir Submrcible Ac pump 2.2HP LAGA HAI 180FEET PER or 2inch k dilvry dy raha hai.
    without battries Ac pump ko solar per shift krny k liye kitny watt ka panel or kitny powr ka controlr lagy ga plz rate bta dain.
    2nd request ye hai k agar me pump dc lagwaon to kitny hp or kis rate me m0tor milyge or pher kitny wat ka panel lagyga . Waiting for ur reply thx.

    1. 1.- Solar Tube well for 2-HP Submersible Pump. System included with Solar Panels + ADA MPPT Solar Inverter + Solar Mounting racks ground fixed type + 20 M DC Cable. The estimated cost is 200,000 Rupees.
      2.- Price of DC Pump with solar system is 135,000 Rupees ( For more info about dc Pump call 03353444801).
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  67. salaam if i want to use 2 solar fans and 3 solar bulbs of 13 watt than how much estimate will be for above mentioned requirements.

    1. Sir, The estimated cost is 50,000 to 60,000 Rupees with 24 Hours Back Up. 2 DC Fans + 3 Led Bulbs + 4 Solar panel with Frame (150 Watt) + Charge Controller + Wiring and Installation Charges.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.


      1. Sir, The Price of 5″ inch delivery Solar tube well is 500,000 rupees, with A+ grade solar panels.
        Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  68. Sir main 1 haier ka deep freezer, 2 fans, 4 led lights chalana chahta hon total cost kitni ay gi installation sameet. Or backup k sath kitni ay gi.Thanks

    1. Sir, App Ki cost with 24 Hours backup 250000 Aur without backup only Day Time K Liye 150000 tak.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  69. Sir what is price of inverex solar plate of 325w

    1. Sir, I don’t know about 325 watt panel. The price of Inverex 310 watt solar panel is 15,500.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  70. Dear Admin, i am planning for NEPRA net off metering. For this i need to install 10KW project on my house roof. Please proide me rough cost of project since i will need no battery bank.

  71. I want to run 1500Watt Server PC with 24hours backup because i want to run it 24X7. what will be the total system cost?

  72. Sir what is solar panel requirements & price to operate domestic immersion water heating rod 1000watt.

    1. Sir, 150,000 only day-time running cost.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  73. sir, main ny apny ghar ki bijli solar system pe convert krny hy
    regrigerator 1
    iron 1
    ceiling fan 4
    energy saver 10
    dc invertor 1.25 ton 1
    washing machine + dryer 1
    tv 1
    water pump 1
    is ky ley kitny solar plates lagwany hongy aur charges kia hongy

    1. Dear, Jitna kuch aap ne bataya hai es k liye 4 se 5 Lakh lag jay ga. Aur with out AC, Water Pump & Iron 2 Lakh tak lagay ga.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  74. Salam!
    Main ne AGS 21 Plate wali battery aur 900 watts (600 watts solar capacity) Ecostar inverter khareeda hai…
    Main day time mein air cooler chalana chahta hoon, mujhe kitni solar plates lena parain gi aur kitne watts wali ??

    1. Sir, Aap dry ya gel battery lain us ki life zaida ho gi. aur air cooler aap ko wapda pe use kara pary ga. agr solar pe chalana hai to 12 Volt DC Solar Air Cooler le lain wo 300 watt solar k panel pe subha se sham tak theek chal jata hai agr aap ne rat ko use kerna ho to battery pe chala saktay hain.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  75. Agr mujay 3 bulb, 4 fan, 1 water pump aur 1 AC use krna ho to kitni solar plates aur us ka kitni cost ay gi. aur kitni battery lagani ho gein . Main pory ghr main solar energy use krna chta ho ?

    1. Sir, Aap Ki 200000 se 250000 Cost ay ge. 1 Ton Inverter AC K Sath aur Air Conditioner Sirf Din K Time Solar Pe Chaly ga Raat ko AC Wapda py Chaly ga. With-out AC aap Ki 150000 Tak cost aay gi 24 Hour backup K Sath.
      Regards, From GETATTIME.

  76. Sir ager 4 refrejator aur 2 ton AC chalana ho. Backup k begahr tou Kia kharcha aye ga

    1. Sir, Yeh solar system 250000 se 300000 tak lag jay ga. sir din k time k liye Without backup
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  77. Sir
    I need solar system for 10 nos inverter of 2 tons floor standing and 2 nos of one ton and 150 LED lights and 50 nos bracket fan with back Up

  78. Sir china. Ki 150 watt solar plate 5000 rupay main hai us ki 4 plates k sath kitny fan chal jain gai

    1. Dear, agr to aap 220 volt Ceiling Fan chalana hain Solar Plates ko UPS k Sath atach ker k to wo sirf 1 Fan chalay ga. aur 12 volt DC Fan 4 chal jain gy…

  79. Dear Sir
    Ap ap ny 150 watt k aik panel k sath kha k 4 panel k sath

    1. Sir, 4 panel k sath 220 volt ka ceiling fan 1 hi theek chaly ga meray kyal se. agr solar inverter use kero phr 2 chal jain gy.
      Royal Energy Saver Fan use karo to wo 2 ya 3 tak Fan chal jain gy. Royal energy saver fan 50 watt ka hota hai. aur agr
      12 DC Fan use kero to wo 4 Fan chal jain gy.

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