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Water Heater Price in Pakistan – Gas, Electric & Solar

Water Heater Price Price List 2016-17 :

Here you can see all about Water Heaters available in Pakistani market. Electric & Gas water heater prices in Pakistan Bajaj Water Heater Price, GFC, Water Heater Price, V-Guard Water Heater Price, Toyo Water Heater Price, Singer Water Heater Price, Havells Water Heater Price, Canon Water Heater Price, Super Asia Water Heater Price, Instant Water Heater Price, Ariston Water Heater Price In Pakistan.

Brand Name :
Starts From :
Instant Electric Water Heater Rs: 15,000
Super Asia – Electric Water Geyser Rs: 7,500
Canon – Instant Water Heater Rs: 7,000
Havells – Water Heater Quatro 15L Rs: 16,000
Havells – Water Heater Bello Digital Rs: 20,000
Majesty 15GMH (LW) Water Heater Rs: 10,000
Bajaj Majesty 15 L GMH (RW) Water H Rs: 9,000
Bajaj Flora 3L 3Kw Instant water Rs: 7,000
Bajaj Flora 3L 3Kw Instant water Rs: 6,500
Bajaj Flora 1L 3Kw Instant water Rs: 5,000
V-Guard 15L Sprinhot Plus Instant Rs: 10,000
V-Guard 15L Steamer Geyser Rs: 8,000
V Guard Pebble Abs Rs: 13,000
V-Guard 10L SprinhotPlus Instant Rs: 9,000
V-Guard 15L Steamer Plus MSV Geyser Rs: 9,900
Mini Electronic Water Heater Rs: 800
ARISTON – Water heater SGHP-15 UR MO Rs: 16,000/-
Water Heater Rs: 6,500
TOYO Geyser Gas (Geyser 135) Rs: 20,000
TOYO Geyser Gas ( Geyser 125 ) Rs: 12,500
TOYO Geyser Gas ( Geyser 145 ) Rs: 25,000
SINGER WATER HEATER (Geyser) SG 15 Rs: 14,000
SINGER WATER HEATER (Geyser) SG 30 Rs: 19,500
SINGER WATER HEATER (Geyser) SG 35 Rs: 22,000
KENSTAR Instant Water Heater Price  1-Lts Rs.2,079
KENSTAR Instant Water Heater Price  3-Lts Rs.2,619
KENSTAR Storage Geyser Price  15-Lts Rs.4,887
KENSTAR Storage Geyser Price 15-Lts Rs.5,238
KENSTAR Storage Geyser Price 25-Lts Rs.5,427
KENSTAR Storage Geyser Price 25-Lt: Rs.6,129

Solar Water Heater Price in Pakistan :

Here you can see all about Solar Water Heater available in market. Every-one going green these days companies all over the world are coming up with innovative new ways to save energy & save you money. 


Solar Water Heater Price List :

Water Storage Capacity :
Price :
Solar Water Heater 100 Liters Price in Pakistan : 15.000 to 20,000
Solar Water Heater 150 Liters Price in Pakistan : 20,000 to 25,000
Solar Water Heater 200 Liters Price in Pakistan : 25,000 to 30,000
Solar Water Heater 300 Liters Price in Pakistan : 30,000 to 35,000
Solar Water Heater 400 Liters Price in Pakistan : 40,000 to 55,000

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    – will you provide technical person for installations ?
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    Tariq Saeed

  2. I need the gysers in bulk quantity plz provide me the contact num is 03008317961.

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    Hope life is treating you well, we are looking for solar water heater/geyser, please send us quotation for above subject, don’t forget to mention brand and its manufacturing company.

  9. I have installed 02 solar plates of 150 Watt each (Total 300 watts) how can I get maximum benefits from it. Currently I have connected it with UPS batteries, through charge controller, to charge batteries.

  10. do any solar water heater available in pakistan market which prize les than 15000 thousand

    1. yes i can provide u a used heater with capacity of 200 litres in best working condition in just rs 15000


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