Best Battery Brand in Pakisatan

Best Battery Brand :

Here some batteries brands names available in Pakistani market.

Narada AGS Phoenix
CBS Exide Bridge Power
EcoStar Osaka Millat

Please give your opinion regarding best battery brand in Pakistan for ups and solar system, I mean durability and quality. Also mention the current price.

  • Q.1: Which Batteries are better Dry or Wet?
  • Q.2: Charging time, performance in handling max allowed load?
  • Q.3: Your overall general opinion of Dry or Wet batteries for UPS after using them?
  • Q.4: Which Brands flooded acid battery is best.?
  • Q.5:Which type of battery is best for solar system & how much total life of good company Battery brand?

Some Reasons for Early die of Your Batteries:

All battery need proper charging. Following are the some basic reasons for such early demise of your batteries :

  • Over-charging, the charging rate was too high
  • Under-charging the batteries were not being charged properly
  • Water was not added when required.
  • Batteries were not properly for your loads.

I think , Expensive batteries brand are not repair-able too… and if one is going to buy low cost lead acid batteries just a little more AH capacity than his charging current (solar) then i think the Lead Acid batteries is not a bad choice . Because the charge controller is not local so no over charge issue.

Tips for Battery Long Life :

  • For long life of Battery you need a good brand UPS or Inverter.
  • Use acid with 1250 gravity every time to refill.
  • Keep the battery in a ventilated place.
  • Never charge the battery over 10-Amp.
  • Always use white acid to refill the battery.
  • If the UPS is not used for a week Switch off the UPS completely.

Latest Batteries Price Lists Available in Pakistan:


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