Govt to collect Hajj expenses in USD from 2024

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Talha Mehmood, recently made an announcement stating that intending pilgrims embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage in 2024 will be required to cover their expenses in US dollars, shifting away from Pakistani rupees. Speaking at a press conference after completing his own pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, Mehmood highlighted the transition to using the US dollar for Hajj expenditures instead of the local currency. He disclosed that he succeeded in increasing the Hajj quota for the upcoming year to 179,210 individuals, while this year witnessed 160,000 Pakistanis participating in Hajj.

Furthermore, Mehmood revealed that the Ministry has incorporated the expenses for Qurbani (sacrificial offering) into the Hajj package. He shared his decision to experience Hajj as an ordinary individual, rejecting the opportunity to perform it as a royal guest. Despite being offered this privilege, he chose to encounter the same challenges that regular pilgrims face. He engaged with Saudi authorities to address issues faced by Pakistani pilgrims and expressed confidence that next year’s Hajj will proceed smoothly based on assurances from Saudi officials.

Mehmood refrained from discussing the details of President Arif Alvi’s Hajj entourage, stating that he lacked knowledge about the president’s companions since he wasn’t participating in Hajj as a royal guest. He emphasized his commitment to ensuring that no one is granted a free Hajj experience under his watch, asserting that he personally covered all his expenses during the pilgrimage.

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