Hajj 2024 Latest News

Saudi Arabia has revealed its strategic outline for the upcoming 2024 Hajj pilgrimage, emphasizing the importance of early preparations. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, the Saudi Minister for Hajj and Umrah, presented the plan at the ministry’s headquarters in Makkah during a meeting with the leaders of the hajj missions involved in the 2023 pilgrimage. This meeting marked the conclusion of the 2023 hajj, which saw participation from over two million pilgrims representing more than 160 countries.

Al-Rabiah unveiled that the groundwork for the forthcoming hajj would commence by notifying countries that have initiated their preparations for the event. Following this, official confirmations regarding the number of allocated pilgrim slots for participating nations will be issued. The preparations for the 2024 hajj will include preparatory meetings from September 16 to November 4 of the current year, with an international symposium and exhibition scheduled for January 8.

The arrangement of accommodations and contracts for the holy sites, known as masha’ers, will be concluded by February 25. Visa issuance for pilgrims will begin on March 1 and conclude on April 29. The initial group of pilgrims for the next year’s hajj will arrive in Saudi Arabia on May 9. Al-Rabiah advised countries taking part to ensure early readiness for the pilgrimage to secure their preferred locations within the Masha’ers of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah.

During the meeting, Iraq was awarded the 2023 Labbaikum Hajj Services Award. Additionally, Gambia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and Azerbaijan were recognized for their commendable performance in various aspects of hajj operations.

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