VOLTA Battery Price List 2023

Volta is the famous batteries brand in Pakistan. Volta batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan. Volta battery is a very good and long life batteries with 6 months warranty. Volta Battery life time is very long. You can use Volta battery with UPS and Solar Systems.

Volta Battery Price List :

Important Instructions :

To prolong battery life and get maximum performance must follow these instructions.

  • Never Use battery with-out initial charging.
  • Never charge the battery soon after putting the electrolyte in it.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte than connect with charger which gives 10% ampere of battery capacity.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches 15 V and, replace the battery caps, look all cells are producing bubbles equally.
  • Every battery have a manufacturing date printed on it……..Purchase latest newly manufactured one.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte, battery was completely sealed and air tight.
  • Now some companies offering already prepared electrolyte, prefer that one, rather then prepared by the electrician or battery vender.

Maintenance of a Battery:

Here are some other instructions useful for good battery maintenance that will extend battery life. The tips are low-priced and will make your battery a maximum result.

  • To ensure maximum battery performance, care must be taken to ensure that the battery plates are never exposed.
  • To top up your battery life, you must use only AGS Battery Tonic.
  • If electrolyte is lost, avoid adding acid to the battery.
    To get maximum workload from a battery, always keep the battery clean.
  • Make sure there are no inserts or debris on the air vents of the batteries.
  • Do not charge the battery at a level higher than recommended by the company.
  • Avoid placing the battery for extended periods of time in the discharge state.
  • Keep a charged battery stored in a cool, dry place if not in use.

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