Daewoo Battery Price List 2023

Daewoo Batteries Latest Price in Pakistan 2023 :

Battery Model:For Engine Capacity :AH :Price :
Daewoo L / R-50 – CCA-3301000 to 1300CC35 AHRs. 11,941
Daewoo DL / R-55 – CCA-3701000 to 1300CC40 AHRs. 12,850
Daewoo DL / R-60 – CCA-4401000 to 1600CC45 AHRs. 14,537
Daewoo DLS / RS-65 – CCA-4401600 to 1800CC45 AHRs. 15,186
Daewoo DLS-80 – CCA-550. . .60 AHRs. 20,378
Daewoo DLS/RS-85 – CCA-6201800 to 2500CC70 AHRs. 20,768
Daewoo DLS/RS-105 – CCA-6501800 to 3000CC75 AHRs. 21,676
Daewoo DLS / RS-120 – CCA-7502000 to 4000CC90 AHRs. 25,960
Daewoo DIN-666 – CCA-5302000 to 4000CC60 AHRs. 27,90
Daewoo DIN-888 – CCA-6252000 to 2700CC72 AHRs. 31,152
Daewoo DIN-1000 – CCA-8502000 to 4000CC100 AHRs. 35,000

Note: All Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below.

About :

Treet Group is bringing state of the art technology with relatively more efficient and provide maintenance free sealed batteries in Pakistan with a multinational brand (ie Daewoo) battery, which is already well known name in the Pakistan. Daewoo Batteries are specially made for UPS, Solar system and automotive. Moreover, Korean experts will work with this project.

Products :

  • Daewoo UPS Batteries.
  • Daewoo Automotive Batteries.


  1. » Fast Recharge.
  2. » Quick Start.
  3. » Extra Long Life.
  4. » Extra Back up and power on full Recharge.
  5. » No need to add acid.
  6. » Magic Eye shows battery health from inside.

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Daewoo Batteries are the product of Treet Group of Companies. These are available in all major cities, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faislabad, Gujranwala, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Okara, Sahiwal, Rawalpindi and many other cities of Pakistan.

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