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EXIDE Battery Price List 2018

EXIDE is the good quality batteries brand in Pakistan. EXIDE batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan. EXIDE battery is a very good and long life batteries with 6 months warranty. EXIDE Battery life time is very long. You can use EXIDE battery with UPS and Solar Systems. Here you can see latest EXIDE battery price list 2018.

EXIDE Battery Price List :

Price list effective from 04-01-2014. EXIDE Pakistan LTD.

EXIDE Battery Type: Plates: Retail Price: Consumer Price:
EXIDE NS-40 7 – – –
EXIDE NS-44 L 9 2,700 3,613
EXIDE NS-48 ZA 9 3,090 4,077.10
EXIDE NS-65 13 4,040 5,257.60
EXIDE NS-65 L 13 4,030 5,245.70
EXIDE N-70 9 3,740 4,900.60
EXIDE N-80 11 4,270 5,606.30
EXIDE N-80 L 11 4,260 5,594.40
EXIDE NS-85 13 4,910 6,367.90
EXIDE NS-85 L 13 4,900 6,356.00
EXIDE N-88 11 4,500 5,880.00
EXIDE N-96 Z 13 5,170 6,752.30
EXIDE EX-100 15 5,880 7,597.20
EXIDE EX-100 L 15 5,870 7,585.30
EXIDE 6X-120 15 6,860 8,763.40
EXIDE N-125 17 7,270 9,326.30
EXIDE N-130 17 7,620 9,742.80
EXIDE N-135 19 7,880 10,202.20
EXIDE N-165 21 9,090 11,642.10
EXIDE N-180 23 9,650 12,458.50
EXIDE NP-185 21 9,650 12,458.50
EXIDE N-190 23 11,210 14,314.90
EXIDE NP-210 25 12,650 16,228.50
EXIDE NS-200 PLUS 27 12,830 16,442.70
EXIDE 6LT-170 23 9,920 12,779.80
EXIDE NS-185 27 11,340 14,469.60
EXIDE N2-10 31 16,560 21,056.40
EXIDE N-245 33 17,020 21,603.80
EXIDE CNG-48 L 9 3,090 4,077.10
EXIDE CNG-60 L 11 3,860 5,043.40
NOTE : Sales Tax @ of 17% and Extra 2% Tax Applicable on Value of Supply.  All Prices are subject to change at any time. All information is collected from online resources. All time we are trying to give complete & accurate information, but any mistake you would be found any information which is incorrect then please add a comment below. 
Important Instructions :

To prolong battery life and get maximum performance must follow these instructions.

  • Never Use battery with-out initial charging.
  • Never charge the battery soon after putting the electrolyte in it.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte than connect with charger which gives 10% ampere of battery capacity.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches 15 V and, replace the battery caps, look all cells are producing bubbles equally.
  • Every battery have a manufacturing date printed on it……..Purchase latest newly manufactured one.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte, battery was completely sealed and air tight.
  • Now some companies offering already prepared electrolyte, prefer that one, rather then prepared by the electrician or battery vender.

How do I jump-start a car with a dead battery?

Remember: All batteries contain acid and can cause injury if not regarded as dangerous.

  1. Wear proper eye and skin protection.
  2. Connect the positive cable to the positive terminal of the discharged battery.
  3. Connect the other end of the same cable to the positive post on the boosting vehicle’s battery.
  4. Connect the negative (black) cable to the negative post of the booster battery.
  5. Make final jumper cable connection to the engine block of the stalled vehicle.
  6. Start disabled vehicle and disconnect cables in reverse order, taking precautions to keep all hands, clothing, hair and cables out of all moving parts

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EXIDE Batteries are the product of EXIDE Pakistan Limited. These are available in all major cities, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Sahiwal, Okara, Rawalpindi and many other cities of Pakistan.


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  1. Admin, Thanks for providing EXIDE Battery Price 2015 in Pakistan. Demand of batteries increasing day by day due to energy shortage in Pakistan so every one want to buy UPS plus battery in Pakistan.

    1. Welcome Sir..
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.COM

  2. Do you know? (For battery dealers)
    EXIDE Pakistan has changed the amount of plates in three types.
    EXIDE NS65 is now having 13 plates (before it was having 11 plates)
    EXIDE NP185 is now having 21 plates (before it was having 19 plates)
    EXIDE NP210 is now having 25 plates (before it was having 23 plates)

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am using your excellent brand (Exide 170) with my domestic UPS System to lit 3 x bulbs (energy saver), a tv set besides 2-3 ceiling fans. Now a friend has recommended that the battery should be of 200 plus. Would appreciate if you kindly advise for the same and from where and how it may be replaced with a new battery please.
    Thnx and rgds,

  4. rana Muhammad ASIF

    dear i am using exide bettries from many years. now my bettries is not working. i want to change it urgently. some friends advised me .that exide bettery now not working in good position .plz advised me in these circumstance. thanks

    1. Dear, I suggest you Bridge Power Battery.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.

  5. sir am wana use ur exide bty.pls explain .what deferent between 200ah to 200N?

  6. sir i wana use ur exide bty.pls explain .k N or Ah me kya farq hy.
    ex.200AH or N200 me kya farq dono me sy kaon c bty zayada power wali hy.
    N200 wali k AH ketny hongay.plz reply

    1. Dear Meray kyal se to dono batteries same hi hain..

  7. Aoa
    Plzz suggest me either I buy Ags or Excide?
    Which brand is more reliable?
    Reply soon

  8. I want to buy a battery for ups.

  9. Sir . main ne Exide 100 ki battery li hey … Solar system k liye .. an s ko kes voltage tak use kiya kru k Dead / bet Jane se bache … Full to 13 pe ho jati hey ab minimum kaha tak use kiya kru …??? tnx

    1. Dear, Maximum charging 14.3 tak ker saktay hain. aur low battery voltage ko 10 volt per set Ker dain to app ki Battery life ziada ho jay gi.

  10. I want to ask plz tell me can i use 80 amp battery in Margalla car?

  11. Exide battery 12v 200ah ka ajj ka rate kea hai aor warranty kitni hogi

    1. Dear, Battery Rates to Daily change Hotay Rehaty Hain. Warranty 6 Month tak Hoti Hai.

  12. Good battery timing.

  13. Sir we are using exide battery last month 1 year hua ha , kbi koi problem nai huib2 days say ye sirf 30 mins chalti ha only 1 fan , kya battery kharab hogai ha ya koi aur issue ha?

  14. Sir, i have purchased N195 battery last year in june 2014, but ab ye back up nahi dy rahi, kia battery kharab hogae hai, please jaldi batayen.

    1. Haan G. nai le lein ab.

  15. AOA.
    Mughy 2 fan aur 4 saver chlanay hain. Kon c battery lun. Aik banday nai 240 vali advice ki hai. Is ki price bhe current bta dain.

    1. Dear, aap EXIDE NS-200 ya AGS GL 190 le lain aur apnay Fan change ker k Royal Energy Saver Fans laga lein life time warranty k sath. Saver ki jaga LED Blub use kerin ab warranty main mill rahay hain.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.COM


    Dear all i want to purchase new battery for UPS. kindly advise konsi battery leni chaiye? please reply ASAP

    1. Dear, Jis company ki battery sasti milay le lo mehnagi k chakar main na paro. Bridge Power Ya Force ki le lo achi hain…

      1. Dear.sir jb lite gate ha to battery k voltage week ho gata k kya problems ha or battery 27 plats vali or abi 3 months howay ha.

        1. Dear, aap ki battery ka koi cell karab hai ya phir UPS charging theek nai ker raha cheak kerwa lain.
          Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      2. None of the battery seller waits for 30 minutes after pouring acidic water.also every one remains in is not possible to judge the voltage i.e 15.5 how can we guess the accurate water level.would u please give some tips to have max life of battery

    2. Dear, aap AGS GL 190 le lain achi hai.
      Thanks for visiting GETATTIME.COM

  17. Please let me know how to set voltage level on solar can we do it using charge controller?

    secondyl can we attached two different voltage battries on solar system is series or parallel. thanks a lot

    1. Sir,
      1. A good quality Charge controller automatically sets voltage level.
      2. Use same batteries with UPS and Solar System.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team

  18. Dear sir i need u r price list all battries 2015 send me
    and send me this person contact number and hafizabad

  19. Dear Admin kindly guide me as we need to use 6 fans and 6 tube lights….which battery is suitable

    1. U need 1500 Watt UPS 24 Volt with two EXIDE NS-200 Batteries &
      change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  20. Sir what is the current price of 200ah exide battery?

    1. Dear, Its price is around about 15,000 Rupees.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  21. What is the difference between N and NP series? What is the best Exide battery model for UPS least to run 4 fans for 2 hours.

    1. Dear Sir, U need 1000 Watt UPS 24 Volt with two EXIDE N-165 or any other brands 17 plates Batteries &
      change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. Bhai jaan.
        Royal energy fans kiya hy or is ka kitna fiyda hy or is ki price kiya hy

        1. Bhai G, Royal Fans Energy Saver Fan Se 40% to 50% electricity save hoti hai. UPS ka Back-up zaida ho jata hai. Price apnay city k dealer se confirm ker lain.
          Thanks for visiting for GETATTIME.COM

  22. Where i can find Exide dealer in Rawalpindi Cantt Area.

    1. New Al Shahbaz Battery Service
      Phone : +92-304-5115840
      Address : Main Peshawar Road, Pir Wadhai More, Cantt, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

      Siddiqui Battery Centre
      Phone : +92-345-5268931
      Addres : Shop No 7-A, Bakra Mandi Road, Cantt, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  23. I need good backup up with 4 fans n 4 savers. Kindly suggest battery and any model of Homeage ups.
    Also suggest 2 battries of 165 or single 245 battery would give better backup

  24. AOA, Suzuki Mehran Car k Liye Kon Si Battery loon ?

    1. Sir, as you like.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. A.o.a Sir me exide battery seal kr raha hun but is me ek thora sa calim ka paroblam a raha hy kia mje ap bta sakty hen ye kb tak thekk ho jye ga..

  25. Mehran suzuki 800cc main Main kon si battery use hot hy? Or current price kia he? Or home delivery ki saholat hy kia.?

    1. Dear Sir, We have no shop yet we just upload Latest battery prices according to the market.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  26. Dear Sir,

    Kindly send quotation for 180 amp.


  27. sir,I have bought a APC Smart-UPS 1500 USB UPS.please tell me that who battery is comfortable of this ups or who’s power and price of the battery?

  28. I need to buy an EXIDE 70 amperes battery for a single solar panel which is about a 100 watt. So, would you please help me how to buy it online… and how would I know which one on the list is 70 ampere? Does (EXIDE N-70) mean 70 amperes? and likewise, (EXIDE N-145) means 145 amperes battery?! Thanks.

  29. Muhammad Shafique Qureshi


    I am interested to get distribution at Bahawalpur. Kindly guid me in this regard as soon as possible Plz.


    Muhammad Shafique

  30. how much battery is required for 3000Va UPS inverter?

    1. Dear, You need 4 batteries for 48 Volt 3000 watt UPS.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  31. I had purchased EasyTech UPS (Model E-1233) with Exide Battery (N-165) two years ago. Now the battery backup is not good so I need to upgrade the battery. Can I upgrade the battery with the same UPS model? OR should I purchase the same battery again ? I just have to use 2 fans and 2 savers nothing more. Please advice

    1. Sir, So many Battery brands are available in the market. Now final selection is yours?
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

      1. Exide OR AGS ?

  32. How do i unsubscribe from getting mails from this site? help please!

  33. dear sir kindly tell me rate of n250, n260

    1. Sir, It’s around about 18,000.


    1. Here some barnds names for solar system:
      NARADA Polymer Gel Battery 200AH Price: 40,000
      NARADA GP Series Dry Battery 12V 200AH Price: 34,500
      Solar Saz Dry Battery 200AH Price: Rs.29,999
      Eco-Star >>

  35. I need 1 battery for 1 KVA Jasco Generator, their already installed 12V trial battery which is dead so any one can help.

  36. sir i want a battery that runs 4fans and 6 to 8 energy savers which one battery i prefer tell me the model no. with price here or on my email adress.

    1. Sir, You need Inverex XP Solar 24-Volt UPS and two 200-AMP batteries .
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans. Royal Energy Saver Fan takes only 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.


  38. Dear Admin,
    I have purchased exide hp-165, I need the confirmation of the said model is it original model of exide product ? Because I couldn’t find it in any of price lists.will be waiting for your swift response.

  39. sir I want to buy a new battery for UPS which capacity is 5 fan 5 energy savers kindly ssuggest battery which is suitable for this. time backup should be 2.5 to 3.0 hours

    1. Sir, You need Inverex XP Solar 24-Volt UPS, two 200-AMP batteries.
      Change your old Fans with Royal Energy Saver Fans. Royal Energy Saver Fan takes only 40 to 50 Watts as compared to 120 Watts of regular fans.
      Regards, From GETATTIME Team.

  40. I want to buy 2 battries for ups , for 4 fans & 10 Esaver sagst me , & do tel me know about ur authorize dealers from lahore near ferozpur road, or i can oder directly from comp ?

  41. Assalamoalikum

    Today I purchased EXIDE NS240 Plus Battery for 1 KVA Homage Solar UPS & My question is That battery good for this UPS Please Advice

  42. kai ap ki gold series 2016 mn khatem ho gi hy. gold series mn 165 hy kia ya band ho gi hy

  43. I want to confirm, is there any charges of replace battery in warranty, because I purchase battery in june 2016, manufacture stamp on battery is 1805A6, now battery not working and one cell is dead, where I purchase this battery, they said battery is replaced and charges is 2000Rs.
    I need to know what is this???
    why I pay these charges when battery in warranty,
    please help regarding this issue.


  44. Wat is warrenty period 10 month or 6 month

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